Hanover Planning Commissioners weigh county’s capital improvements

The Hanover Planning Commission learned about the county’s five-year capital improvements program at an extra meeting March 14.

The CIP is amended annually, and it lists projects for general government administration, public safety, public works, parks & recreation and cultural amenities, human services, the airport, education, and public utilities.

The plan anticipates little more than $18 million in capital spending in Fiscal Year 2014. The revenue breaks down to about $5.3 million from the general fund, $1 million in long-term debt, and $11.7 million from other sources, such as public utilities user fees and state revenue sharing for roads.

The proposed FY14 Hanover County budget totals $372.6 million.

The full five-year CIP totals about $175 million, with about $49 million coming from the general fund.

However, not every project listed in future years is guaranteed to come to pass. For example, a new Atlee Library building was in previous years’ CIPs but is not currently included.

In fact, the Parks, Recreation and Cultural section includes only one project—skate park repairs and renovations at Pole Green Park in FY14.

Overall in FY14, facilities improvements make up 45 percent of the projects, while equipment replacement is the next largest component at 19 percent. Public works and public safety projects come to 69 percent of general fund spending, according to budget division director Shelly Wright.

Emergency Communications is replacing its computer-aided dispatch system in FY14, and Fire/EMS plans on refurbishing an existing fire truck instead of purchasing a new vehicle.

A $4 million public safety training center has been removed from the plan.

The education component reflects the School Board’s decision to zero out school bus replacements in FY14 and use those dollars to increase funding for technology enhancements, and to shift $480,000 to the school division’s general fund.

The Planning Commission voted 7-0 to recommend approval of the five-year CIP.

Posted on Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 1:31 pm