Editorial: A new chapter in the H-P’s history

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 11:53 am

You might have heard the H-P’s moving.

The Internet has a funny way of making sure things like that get around.

Well, it’s true and we’re excited about our return to Ashland. We look forward to curious readers poking their heads in the door, to being able to walk across the street to Town Hall and around the corner to any number of local businesses and restaurants.

While the H-P flag has flown over Thompson Street since we left – much to the confusion of those who didn’t know we had moved – we look forward to being a physical presence in town again. Our roots are there.

The only potential downside (aside from a rumored ghost in the Thompson Street building) is our news staff may get caught behind a passing train while news is breaking elsewhere, but we’ll work our way around that when the time comes.

The move marks a new chapter in the H-P’s long history of serving Ashland and Hanover County. The paper left the town in 1991 as a way to expand its then bustling printing operation. We return to Ashland 22 years later in a very different world for newspapers, changed no doubt by constantly evolving technology.

While much has changed in how the H-P operates, our tradition of strong local news coverage has remained steady.

Well, that’s enough soapboxing for now. We’ve got packing to do. See you in May!


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