Editorial: How much does Hanover’s welcome mat cost?

Last week, county supervisors rejected a proposal for rental apartments in place of condominiums on Lakeridge Parkway.

In doing so, they followed the recommendation of the public that was present to weigh in on the project. However, the dissenting board members – Chairman Canova Peterson and Ashland Supervisor Ed Via – brought up some interesting points while voting against the measure.

“The welcome mat to living in Hanover County cannot be welcome only if you can afford the median housing value of…$200,000,” Via said.
How much does it cost to be welcome in Hanover?

In this case, there wasn’t really a good argument against rental property. The same number of units was still on the table, meaning the same side effects of a 160-unit development would still be present.

It would have been a different situation had the developer proposed increasing the scale of the development.

We can only determine that the vote against apartments had nothing to do with the real estate and was instead a vote against those who might dare occupy the rental units.

Is it the Board of Supervisors’ job to play landlord?

Posted on Thursday, April 4, 2013 at 11:54 am