Sheriff’s Office warns local businesses to be on the lookout for suspicious activity

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 10:23 am

The Hanover Sheriff’s Office warns local businesses that deal with landscaping equipment or large truck tires to be on the lookout for suspicious activity following a series of larcenies from businesses in surrounding localities.

Hanover officials warn that the trend could spill over county lines.

“This has happened here in Hanover County in the past.  There is a high likelihood they will hit Hanover County in the next couple of weeks based on the trends from years past,” said Deputy Jim McLaughlin, crime prevention specialist.

Suspects typically strike between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m., McLaughlin said, and there is a good chance the drop-off vehicle will have Maryland tags, however they normally steal a pick-up truck from a nearby business. The suspects generally use a trailer to haul away stolen merchandise.

The Hanover Sheriff’s Office urges local businesses to use the following crime prevention tips:

• Keep the doors locked when not in use;

• Confirm all lights on and around your buildings and storage areas are working correctly and illuminating what you want them to;

• Keeping all foliage trimmed and away from the building reduces the opportunity for cover or concealment for a criminal;

• Confirm the locking system on your storage areas consist of high security locks;

• Make sure your key control procedures are enforced;

• Consider adding a timer to an interior light so it will be perceived that someone is in your business;

• Confirm your alarm is covering what you need it to cover in and around your business if it isn’t already and make sure it is armed when not in use;

• Confirm that signs for your alarm system are up and in conspicuous locations for all to see as well as signs for your surveillance system, if you have one;

• Take a walk around your property to make sure you are not providing any opportunities for a would-be criminal;

• Check any and all access points from the roof to confirm they are secure and/or locked;

• Ask employees and customers to report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office immediately.

Contact the Sheriff’s Office concerning suspicious activity immediately by either calling 911 or (804) 365-6140. If you have security concerns or questions, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit at (804) 365-6110.



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