Letters to the Editor: Week of April 11, 2013

Posted on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 9:27 am

Smart enough to take money, too bad they can’t manage it

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Hanover County taxpayers have a problem. Due to incompetent leaders and followers over the last 20 years, the taxpayers have finally run out of money. During this period we have had an overabundance of greedy, dishonest and untruthful elected officials in local, state and federal positions.
These officials have taken from the working taxpayers to buy the vote of those who could and should work but thanks to our taxes they don’t have to. Don’t you get it? They have bought off potential working taxpayers. The government and freeloaders now outnumber the workers, and we can’t afford either of them anymore.
You are hereby notified that the Hanover County taxpayers cannot keep the government living in the manner they have become accustomed. We are asking for a tax decrease; otherwise, we will be forced to cut the services you have come to expect from us.
The tax dollars you have used in the past for ridiculous perks, early retirement, snow days, short days, big pay, no work pay, holidays and bad hair days will now be used for our own livelihood such as food, clothes, medical, heat, auto, retirement, insurance, our business, our families, prescriptions and, for a little entertainment we will just watch the news and see how bad things can get without our support.
We haven’t heard of any cuts to government employee pay checks so we expect to continue with the same level of department services we pay for. We kind of expected there would be more effort and sacrifice from government to make this economy work until we get back on our feet but looks like that will not be the case.
The richest country on earth is broke. If we did not have the over-spending, over-perking, over-hiring, and other waste there would be enough money tucked away to last 5-10 years without taxpayer help. In any case we are finished, figure it out for your self, the government has always been smart enough to get our money to use for their own benefit but too dumb to manage it for our benefit. It’s time to change, time to start from scratch and take advantage of a second chance.

Ted Mentz
Old Church

Remember the silent heroes supporting ‘Hanover’s Finest’

The Hanover Sheriff’s office had its award ceremony recently. The County Administration Building’s auditorium was filled with “Hanover’s Finest” and their families. It was quite a sight to see. As I sat there I thought about the hundreds of Silent Heroes that were not being recognized, those heroes who give daily encouragement and support to Hanover’s Finest. Those heroes who also willingly understand when they get a phone call and the voice on the other end says, “Honey, the officer on the next shift called in sick and I have been asked to take that slot. I know I promised Bobby that I would be at his soccer game but I hope you will understand.” And the response is, “Yes, you have to do what you have to do and honey, please stay safe. We love you.”
These are the heroes that never know what the message might be when the phone rings. These are the heroes that never know who might be at the door when the bell rings with a message that none ever want to hear. These are the heroes that live day to day so proud to be a part of the “Hanover’s Finest” family. When we see an officer, let us take the time to walk over and say “Thank you for all you do.” And when we see an officer together with family members, let’s us also take the time to thank those silent heroes.

Dan Johnson

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