Letters to the Editor, Week of April 25, 2013

Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 2:09 pm

Pay voluntary taxes and then attend Patrick Henry’s church

I am very excited about two upcoming events that will take place right here in Hanover County and am writing to tell all those that read this outstanding newspaper about them.
May 2, a National Day of Prayer Service will be held at Historic Polegreen Church at 5:30 p.m. This church was the boyhood church of none other than the great Patrick Henry and is considered the cradle of Religious Liberty. All are welcome!
May 1, at the Old Hanover Courthouse, the kickoff of the Hanover Voluntary Tax Drive Initiative will take place starting at 5 p.m. Friends of Liberty are coordinating the event and it will be a great opportunity for Hanover residents to come by, lead by example, and make a direct voluntary donation to the Hanover Treasury and Commissioner of Revenue T. Scott Harris himself (invited but not confirmed yet). These contributions can be earmarked for things like additional school funding. What a great idea and great way to help our teachers and students.
I plan on arriving early to both. Hope to see everyone there!

W.S. Wright


We need an elected board, new Cold Harbor supervisor

Statements attributed to one member of the Hanover County Board of Supervisors in a recent story by the Richmond Times-Dispatch (“Group believes Hanover should elect School Board; April 15”) admit of so corrupt and incestuous a dynamic in our local government that justice demands they be reprinted here at length in order that the official in question may have the opportunity to disavow them publicly as the fabrications of an irresponsible journalist:
“Robert L. Wood has been [Supervisor Elton J.] Wade’s School Board appointee for the Cold Harbor District for two decades, Wade said, but he plans to recommend a replacement for Wood next month.
“That’s largely because Wade believes he might have promised his former campaign manager, Norman Sulser, a shot at a School Board seat.
“Wade said Sulser and others tell him that about eight years ago, he promised Sulser he would recommend him for the Cold Harbor seat if Sulser was successful in getting Wade re-elected to the Board of Supervisors.
“Wade said he doesn’t remember making that promise but has come to believe it.
“‘I would have probably kept (Wood) if I hadn’t have committed myself eight years ago,’ Wade said. ‘He helped me again as my campaign manager (in the November 2011 Board of Supervisors election), so I did tell him that I felt bad about eight years ago, him not being appointed. … I’m just trying to do right.’”
So, Elton Wade is going to appoint someone to the controlling entity of a school system that accounts for nearly half of Hanover County’s entire budget simply because Wade can’t quite remember if he actually promised Susler he’d use the School Board appointment as political payback or not, but that sounds “right” to him?
It is time for Hanover to have an elected Board of Education. And if the paragraphs quoted above are accurate, it is long past time for Cold Harbor to have a new supervisor.

Joseph Pierro

Keep corruption at bay

If you read the RTD article titled “Group believes Hanover should elect School Board Members,” you should ask yourself how much more proof is needed that we need an elected school board?
After reading this article and seeing Wade confirm a proposition to give his campaign manager, Mr. Sulser, a promised school board seat sounds questionable to me. Confessions like this will always get one wondering.
As one can gather from that comment it would not be out of the question for an unethical someone to ask for or offer a vehicle, a nice vacation, a bank account deposit or whatever in return for giving away a paying public position.
A public election would remove the possibility of this happening and give the people more choices. As it is now, the choice is up to seven people, one appointing Supervisor and six approving Supervisors.
We need to keep corruption out of the hands of government. There are some who can and will make a crime out of it.

Ted Mentz

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