Editorial: Qualifications should deterime school board makeup

Well, it looks like the prospects of a fall referendum to switch to an elected school board have diminished somewhat.
Perhaps this is for the better at this juncture.
Such a move merits a lot of discussion and the Friends of Hanover Schools wisely weighed the pros and cons before deciding to back away from the notion. We applaud citizen engagement in government, however it occurs, and wish this group of concerned folks the best of luck keeping a watchful eye on Hanover’s seven supervisors.
We are, however, still concerned about the current board of supervisors-appointed school board arrangement, especially after comments published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, which point to cronyism in the appointment process. It appears Cold Harbor Supervisor Elton Wade has promised his campaign manager a spot on the school board “to do right” by him.
Hopefully, board appointments are made based on a candidate’s qualifications, not who supervisors owe favors to.
This is the main downside of having a school board appointed by those in political office; at the end of the day, a school board member’s fate is decided by a politician, not a citizen.
Let’s keep this in mind as the board takes action in May on two appointments.

Going Green

Monday was Earth Day and the weekend saw a number of celebrations around Hanover County and the Richmond area championing environmental stewardship.
We find it odd that this isn’t a daily practice, but it’s good that the Earth on which we live has its own day, at least.
The concept of “Going Green” isn’t new, but it does seem to be gaining more and more momentum. It’s important, after all. Like most mothers, Mother Nature can only take so much. We earthlings would be wise to acknowledge this and to act “greenly” whenever possible. Use reusable bags, turn off lights when you leave a room, don’t dump antifreeze into the storm sewer, and, when possible, leave your car parked in the driveway.
It might seem odd that a newspaper made of chopped-down trees converted to pulp, and then, paper, blotted with chemicals that produce text and photographs, chooses to opine about “going green.” Oh well. We did. We may have detractors.
If you need to complain, please send an email; letters are a waste of paper, don’t you know.

Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 2:26 pm