Editorial: Behold, progress

Posted on Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 11:54 am

Anyone who travels on Interstate 95 from Ashland to Richmond should be pleased with the recent news that their ride will be a little less bumpy soon.

To the chagrin of those who install car suspensions and perform wheel alignments, the Virginia Department of Transportation recently announced an intensive resurfacing of the pot-hole-ridden thoroughfare between Ashland and the 295 interchange.

Around the same time, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced the $10 million replacement of a circa-1923 bridge on Route 360 in Hanover County.
The latter project, at least, was made possible by McDonnell’s transportation funding plan, which passed through the legislature earlier this year.

We have praised the version of the bill passed by the General Assembly, with a few exceptions.

We now praise progress.

Our transportation infrastructure needed a cash infusion, and legislators from both parties overcame the “don’t tread on me” protests to raise the revenue needed for Virginia to fix its deteriorating roads.

Hopefully, detractors of the legislation will give credit where credit is due.

Roads are a core part of government, as are education and law enforcement. Disinvestment in any of these areas impacts our communities. Bad roads pose safety hazards; poor schools yield poor students who take poor jobs; and underfunded law enforcement organizations are less able to protect our community.

No one likes taxes. But in this case, at least, it’s good to see tax dollars at work. Hopefully, Virginia’s legislature will not make the mistake of leaving one of its core government funding responsibilities stranded in the ditch again.

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