‘Love our Critters’ returns for second art exhibition

Posted on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 4:02 pm

Love Our Critters

A rendering of “Angel” by featured “Love Our Critters” artist, Debby Thomas.

The Hanover Humane Society and the Montpelier Center for Arts and Education will partner to offer the second annual “Love Our Critters” Art Exhibition from July 1-31. The Exhibition will be held at the Montpelier Center for Arts and Education and will feature animal-themed artwork from a variety of artists.

One such artist is Debby Thomas who enjoys painting, drawing, as well as photography. Thomas has always considered herself to be an “animal person,” owning and operating her own equine business for a number of years. Horses were her passion, and she enjoyed the many hours she spent teaching riding lessons and training horses. Following a move, . Thomas was given the opportunity to further explore her creative side and still work with the animals she’d always loved.

While the love of animals had always been with her, Thomas’ life was ultimately changed by a class that she attended to help her develop her drawing skills. While taking the class, Thomas realized that she was inspired by art and had an affinity for drawing. Her underlying natural talent and newly discovered interest in drawing was a wonderful combination for the new artist. In 2004, she penned a cartoon book that chronicled her life with horses that was quite successful. The book, “Mud and Manure,” is currently in its third printing and continues to be a favorite with horse and animal lovers alike. Following the publication of her book, Thomas’ career continued to blossom, and she found herself taking on commissioned artwork and photography.

The majority of Thomas’ subjects are dogs and horses, but she’s also had commissions which feature cats. Frequently, Thomas will go onsite and photograph her subjects so she can either use the photograph as a basis for the art, or, depending on the subject, she will use the photograph as a basis for a portrait. No challenge is too great or small for Thomas; she immerses herself in her work and will spend as much time as it takes to get the right shot. While she generally likes to work directly with her subjects, Thomas has also produced commemorative portraits for people whose pets have passed away. Each work of art is as unique as the animal it seeks to commemorate, regardless of the medium. Typically, it takes Thomas from four to six weeks to complete a drawing/painting and, if requested,  Thomas can also provide framing services for her work.

Love Our Critters 2013

A rendering of the “Rellli family” of Dachshunds by featured “Love Our Critters” artist, Debby Thomas.

Thomas will have several of her pieces on display in the “Love Our Critters” Art Exhibition. Additional samples of her art may be reviewed on her website at DebbyThomas@comcast.net or on her Facebook page www.facebook.com/DebbyThomasArtandPhotography.

The Fundraiser/Opening Reception for “Love Our Critters” will be held at the Montpelier Center for Arts and Education Sunday, July 21 from 2-4 p.m. There will be additional auction items available during the Opening Reception as well. Proceeds from the event will benefit both the Hanover Humane Society and The Montpelier Center, both 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations.

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