Letters to the Editor: Week of June 6, 2013

Get rid of tenure pay

Elton Wade’s pay is just the latest example of its illogical nature. When are government officials going to acknowledge the utter lunacy of giving pay raises based on tenure? You don’t produce any more; you have just been there a long time. If he works for the next five years with no pay, then we’ll call it even.
Since we destroyed the educational subsidy that was funded by taxing undeveloped land, through artificial inflation in the real estate market due to proffers and irrational exuberance, then why doesn’t the county charge a $2,000 tuition fee for each child? We could waive this fee for any child whose parent would do volunteer work as a bus driver or crossing guard.
If we get full participation in the volunteer program, I figure this would result in increased revenues and cost savings.

Randy Waters

‘Kitchen table’ Toni

Toni Radler’s candidacy for the 55th district House of Delegates seat is welcome news.
Toni will take a common-sense approach to governing that has been sorely lacking in the General Assembly. Unlike some legislators mired in bizarre, esoteric and uncharitable positions, Toni will focus on our concerns – “kitchen table” issues like jobs and education.
Toni will bring an astute insight to solving problems. She knows the importance of gathering all the facts in order to understand an issue, evidenced by her grasp of implications arising from Hanover County’s Comprehensive Plan update and proffer debate.
Toni Radler will serve all of us.  I am honored to endorse her and hope you will help me get her elected in November. Go Toni!

Pattie P. Bland

Sulser a sound choice

I have known Mr. Norman Sulser since I began student teaching at Lee-Davis High School in 2004. I had the privilege of working closely with him during my student teaching experience, and I have had a strong professional relationship with him since that time.
My work and interaction with Mr. Sulser have been multi-faceted.  They have included his serving as a guest speaker in my classes to discuss civil liberties; he helped set up a tour of the Virginia General Assembly for my government classes; he has helped set up opportunities for our students to work during elections; he follows athletics and extracurricular events; and, he is a preferred substitute teacher among the staff at Lee-Davis. When I went out on maternity leave, Mr. Sulser was my long-term substitute. It was so comforting to know that my students were in such good hands while I could not be there.
I have witnessed first-hand the positive relationships he develops with the students and the mutual respect they have for each other.  He genuinely cares about the students, and it is obvious that he has their best interest at heart.  He is also respected by the faculty and staff at Lee-Davis for his understanding of the demands of teaching and willingness to go the extra mile to help teachers.
Sulser has developed an understanding and has had exposure in the Hanover County School System from a first-hand experience, all of which are beneficial for someone interested in a position on the Hanover County School Board.  It is for all of the reasons that I believe Mr. Sulser would be an excellent School Board representative, and I recommend him whole-heartedly for this position.

Erin Attkisson Cobb

Appoint Dibble

I teach second grade at Elmont Elementary School and am writing to support Sue Dibble for the South Anna School Board appointment.
I worked closely with Sue when her son was in my classroom several years ago. She served as our “Room Parent” and volunteered in my classroom, working with students that needed extra support in academics. She would often join our class for lunch, just to be a “lunchtime buddy,” offering each of them the respect of a caring adult.
I also worked with Sue in the PTA. Her leadership and donation of personal time exemplifies her dedication to our school and community. She has exhibited unwavering support for all aspects of our school with the best interest of the students always being her focal point. Sue developed programs over her years as a parent and PTA Board Member that boosted parent support and involvement in our PTA. Many ideas initiated by Sue have brought a sense of community and family to our school.
Mrs. Dibble utilized her landscaping and business knowledge skills in our school as well. She made our students’ dreams of having a basketball court on the playground a reality. This past fall, we enjoyed science lessons in the Outdoor Learning Patio that she helped install on our school grounds. It has become a focal point of our school. The children love this area and often ask, “When can we go back to the patio for learning?” She has been active in the Elmont Learning Garden Club, helping our students with an after-school program that promotes love and respect of nature. Again, she freely gave of her time by joining students, parents, and teachers on our Saturday Garden Workdays throughout the school year and summers.
At Elmont Elementary, our motto is “What You Do Today Will Make a Difference.” Sue Dibble has embraced this motto within our school community. Thank you for your consideration of Sue Dibble for the South Anna School Board appointment.

Marcie Williams

Kudos class of 2013

Congratulations to Randolph-Macon’s graduating Class of 2013!  You have been an important part of our downtown community, and we hope you maintain close ties to the Center of the Universe.
At the request of the college, I had the good fortune to videotape the inspiring commencement speech by Katie Couric on June 1. The groundbreaking journalist and host of the daytime talk show “Katie,” told the 255 graduating seniors to disregard all of the unflattering labels ascribed to the “Millennial” generation, saying “you are the only one who can define who you are or what you can become.” She told the students that they were perhaps part of the “next Greatest Generation, because you’re all wired 24/7, you respect diversity…you’re philanthropic and service-oriented…you embrace change…you march to your own drummer – and that makes for good leaders…you will create, navigate and innovate a future we can only imagine in our dreams.”
I agree with Ms. Couric 100 percent.  These graduates could very well be the next “Greatest Generation.”  Just a few weeks ago, students in Dr. Kelly Merrill’s leadership communication class reached out to Main Street and the Town to ask: “How can we better engage R-MC students with downtown businesses, organizations, and community events?”  The students put together a proposal that identified four primary ways to improve engagement, including incorporating downtown businesses into New Student Orientation.  Main Street and the Town are now working with college administration to implement the students’ recommendations.  I can’t wait to see the wonderful contributions these grads will continue to make as they move into our communities.
We wish the greatest success to R-MC’s Class of 2013, and hope you return frequently to your esteemed alma mater.

Tom Wulf
Executive Director, Ashland Main Street Association

Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2013 at 10:28 am