Editorial: Good luck, you’ll probably need it

Incumbent School Board members did not fare very well last week.

As a result, there’s going to be some new blood on the appointed board that governs Hanover’s prized school system, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

New perspectives can hopefully offer fresh solutions to the mountain of challenges facing public education, specifically, how to maintain the success Hanover enjoys in the face of declining budgets. We wish new appointees Norman Sulser and Sue Dibble the best of luck in their new posts serving the Cold Harbor and South Anna districts, respectively. It’s a thankless job and one we know they won’t be stepping into lightly.

Much has been said about the politics behind the School Board selection process, particularly in the Cold Harbor District, where Supervisor Elton Wade Sr. reportedly promised Sulser, his previous campaign manager, the appointment.

Ann Gladstone, outgoing chair of the Hanover School Board, said herself in this week’s H-P that she thought her and her colleague’s ouster came down to politics.


But we’re going to try to be optimistic. Time will tell if Sulser and Dibble are up to the task at hand or are on the School Board to do the bidding of their district’s supervisor.

Decisions made by the School Board directly affect Hanover’s youth in ways that far surpass any other elected or appointed body.

Policy-making, budget adoption and all of the routine actions by the School Board, often perceived as trivial by the broader public, affect our young students’ livelihood in a real and tangible way.

We hope our newest appointees realize this fact.

As members of an appointed body, Dibble and Sulser serve at the pleasure of the county’s Board of Supervisors. But at the end of the day, we hope they put the children of this county first, above all other things.



Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 1:58 pm