Ashland Town Council backs industrial rezoning

Posted on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 10:48 am

Ashland Town Council has given the green light for an industrial rezoning along Route 1 near the town’s southern boundary.

Meeting June 18, Town Council backed the application filed by Concrete Pipe & Precast LLC to rezone 22.26 acres of highway commercial-zoned property to light industrial use.

The applicant hopes to market the property alongside the adjoining former Hanson Concrete Plant. All told, 90 acres of industrial land will is now available.

“The reason, really, for changing the zoning is to package the property as one unit,” said John Blankenship, representing Concrete Pipe & Precast. “Having this as [business use] and not [industrial use] was an obstacle. We’re just getting this out of the way and moving forward.”

There is currently no prospective tenant for the property, making the rezoning process a little different. For example, the town would normally require a traffic impact study to determine what road improvements would be warranted. Proffers spelling out prospective building materials, landscaping and setbacks would apply to the property once it’s developed.

“A lot of times we get these rezoning applications at the time when someone has a user and knows what the building’s going to look like, knows what the hours of operation are going to be. We didn’t have that in this case,” said Nora Amos, director of planning and community development.

Currently, only a vacant building occupies the property in question, which came into town boundaries during annexation. The town’s comprehensive plan calls for a mixture of industrial and mixed commercial uses in the area of the rezoning.

Approximately 16 acres of the site would be used for industrial purposes while the remaining six acres would have mixed commercial use.

No members of the public spoke for or against the project during the public hearing. When Town Council voted to approve the rezoning, Council James Foley abstained, citing business interests with Hanson Concrete, which owns half of Concrete Pipe & Precast.




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