Letters to the Editor: Week of June 27, 2013

Let’s move forward with Toni Radler

I jumped for joy when I saw that Toni Radler was running for the 55th district House of Delegates, representing Hanover, Caroline and Spotsylvania. We could not have selected a better candidate.
I met Toni a couple of years ago when she wanted to assist the community (NP-STAR) in maintaining curb appeal. Because some did not have the funds for the upkeep, Toni worked with us to start a beautification program in the hopes that residents will take pride in their community if they had some assistance. Toni knocked on doors and talked to neighbors to ask what was needed for the outside of the homes to create a nice curbside presence. She called and talked to vendors such as Home Depot, Habitat for Humanity, various nurseries and many more to donate what was needed. Toni actually picked up and delivered the paint, flowers, and plants  to families to make their homes look nice. She also helped with planting flowers. Our community was greatly appreciative.
We need someone who truly cares about people regardless of their economic status and someone who would go the extra mile to help. What I’ve also known about Toni is that she is very knowledgeable about the politics here in Hanover as well as various issues of concern that may need changing. She does not mind fighting for what is right for all people and she is very equipped for a challenge. She will definitely go the extra yard. Don’t just take my word for it. Make a point to meet and talk with her during the campaign.

Yvonne Walker


Supervisor’s salary shows poor leadership

Elton Wade’s retirement, as reported in the June 20 Herald-Progress, is fine but what about the $150,000 dollars that is gone from the taxpayers? This is not a taxpayer mistake; it is a Hanover County leadership mistake. We need to replace this money out of the schools budget or better yet, take it from the people involved, and in either case, give it back to the taxpayers in cash.
Our Hanover County leadership attempted to justify the double pay to Wade by saying he has 52 years working with the school system, so what! Punxsutawney Phil has been working as a weather forecaster for 123 years. The difference is that Phil does not work for the government so we are allowed to describe Phil’s employment as, “Phil has worked as a weather forecaster for 123 years but depending on the weather Phil only works 30-40 minutes per year which has amounted to 10.25 actual days in taxpayer working years.
Our leaders stuck their heads in the sand. We all know they ignored numerous newspaper articles on the subject, which allowed this crossing guard overpayment to go on for so long. One might assume that some were dependent one way or another on Supervisor decisions. Salaries, benefits, budgets, job appointments, 37.5 hour work weeks or a tie-breaking vote. These things naturally would be on your mind and a normal reaction in this case for making bad decisions. In the medical field this may be called “mentally forced abandonment of values and common sense in order” to keep the peace and (in some cases) be enriched.
It’s morally wrong to let it go with only a “I just want to do what’s right” the world is full of people who now want to do what’s right. The problem is, it’s always soon after they get accused/caught. Doing what’s right would be reimbursing the taxpayers. I don’t know if a crime was committed but definitely an obvious overpayment considering it could have been prevented, and been done at little or no charge with our existing resources.
Y’all need to get it straight. Y’all have two crossing guards with 27 and 32 years of service making ½ the pay for doing the same job and, they have proven that working two schools does not require two salaries. Has any body looked up the definition of discrimination? Maybe a little “mentally forced insinuation of what the possibilities are will discourage this in the future.”

Ted Mentz
Old Church

Close the Beaverdam speed trap

I have been a resident of Hanover County for most of my life, and just in the last five to 10 years I have been aware of the speed limit that was imposed on Rt. 715 leading into the Village of Beaverdam.
When someone is travelling on Rt. 33 out of Montpelier and turns onto Beaverdam Road, the speed limit is 55 mph up until you get ready to enter Beaverdam. Then you are forced to drop your speed down to 25 mph. This is a difficult thing to do; you are driving 55 mph and then you must put on the brakes to get down to 25 mph. There is no earthly reason for this much of a decrease. I am well aware that the Hanover policemen enjoy sitting by the Methodist Church and other places to catch drivers who are speeding through our Village. I applaud them for being diligent in trying to catch drivers who go over the speed limit. I, for one, do not like to drive nor ride fast. But, come on people. We can do better than this.
It would make much more sense to me to place the speed limit at 35 mph; whereas you wouldn’t have to almost come to a “pit stop” to lower your speed from 55 mph to 35 mph. I know that this is a very minor complaint, but one that could easily be rectified. I really think you would make a lot of people happy.

Shirley W. Moss

Posted on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at 10:43 am