Hanover firefighter/EMT’s skills put to use on plane

A Hanover native lived up to his duties as a volunteer firefighter and EMT on a flight back to Richmond June 14.


Jake Miffleton

Jake Miffleton, a 21-year-old Marine and volunteer firefighter/medic for Hanover Station 6, helped a sick man on his flight home. Miffleton said he was sitting with his fellow Marines when he heard a flight attendant request help from a doctor or nurse.

The older man was distressed and had stomach pains, Miffleton said. After no response, Miffleton decided to help.

“Helping people out makes you feel really good,” he said.

The older passenger had vomited on himself twice and was occasionally passing out when Miffleton stepped in. Miffleton was able to give him oxygen, take his vitals and give him medicine.

“I didn’t think anything of it,” he said. “You’re trained to do that even when you’re not on duty.”

Miffleton added that he felt prepared for this occasion because of everything he had learned while running a Hanover County ambulance.

Miffleton has volunteered at Station 6 in Hanover County since he was 16. Though he loves the Marines, Miffleton’s long-time goal has always been to eventually become a paramedic.

“When you’re a paramedic, you see your work help someone out right away,” he said.

Chief of Hanover fire/EMS Jethro Piland III said he is incredibly proud of Miffleton. Piland said he recognized Miffleton’s heroic act and used him as an example of what volunteer firefighters should strive for – providing help and care 24/7.

“He represents those ideals and for us to remember to love what we do and to remember we’re public servants,” Piland said.

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 9:59 am