Letters to the Editor: Week of July 11, 2013

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 4:22 pm

Internet dilemma demands creativity

I want to thank Supervisor Sean Davis for holding a community gathering to discuss the need to expand the availability of Internet services in all of Hanover County.
I can understand the position of companies that provide these services needing to see a potential profit for their investment. I can also understand the frustration citizens have for not being able to “be connected.”
Today, having the access to Internet services is similar to having a car in the 1950s; it has become a vital necessity. It is a need that this county should take very seriously and move with all haste in trying to find solutions. An appointed study committee did an outstanding job in evaluating the current status of internet services in Hanover, what needs were and were not being met and possible solutions in overcoming some of the current shortcomings.
With the increase in population and expanding economic development, pursuing a program that will assure most, if not all, citizens the availability of Internet service is a must. Our students need it, those who have “home industries” need it and it enhances the quality of life in Hanover.
I employ our supervisors, county administrators and others in positions that can initiate a program which will ultimately result in all of Hanover’s citizens having access to Internet services to please do so with haste. I am sure there are other localities that found themselves in a similar situation as ours and were successful in finding a way to meet the IT needs of its citizens. We have been very creative in the past in meeting challenges and I know we will be successful in meeting this one.

Dan Johnson

Make endorsements more specific, please

Can anyone name a Democrat, other than Jim Webb, who isn’t an ideologue? Their response to anything is to tax someone they deem to be unfairly wealthy and provide services to another that poorly invested his money.
Will Toni Radler condemn with equal vigor the contraception mandate in Obamacare and the ultrasound requirement to abortion services for being excessive government meddling? Is she going to fight the federal government’s increasing desire to regulate education?
Will she come to see the need for greater responsibility for the funding of a child’s education by the parent so we can eliminate the tax on food? How will she protect an individual’s right to determine to whom they give charity instead of having it usurped by government?
Is she capable of putting local officials in their place as Del. Cox did when Hanover’s attorney suggested that government should have the authority to give preferential treatment in regard to land use tax relief? How will she localize the transportation infrastructure so that we don’t all pay for the areas where people are always going places, but not accomplishing anything?
If you submit an endorsement, then please be specific in the reasons. “Kitchen table issues,” “fighting for what is right,” and “common sense approach” can mean whatever you like them to. A random name on a piece of paper telling that another person is a wonderful human being carries almost no weight.

Randy Waters

Community rallied around Library’s annual book sale

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the Ashland Library sends sincere thanks to the Ashland/Hanover community for the support you gave for our July 4th Book Sale.  Not only did you donate thousands of excellent books but you also came out to buy those books.  Thanks to you, we had a banner year!
Special thanks go to the families of Jane Massie and Kathryn Miller for giving their book collections to the Friends group. In addition, we wish to acknowledge the support we received from the Ashland Main Street Association, the Herald-Progress, the Hanover Arts and Activities Center, the many merchants who agreed to post our July 4th Book Sale signs, and the volunteers who helped us with the book sale.
All proceeds will go to provide library needs, such as technological equipment and refurbishing, and to encourage reading.
How fortunate we are to live in such a generous community!

Pamela K. Fay-Williams
President, Friends of the Richard S. Gillis Library

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