Editorial: Hanover’s pride

Approximately 37,000 people poured into Pole Green Park last Saturday to celebrate the famed Hanover Tomato.

An event that began with just 300 folks at Black Creek Volunteer Fire Department in Eastern Hanover County has grown into the county’s largest annual event. This year’s festival marked the 35th and ended up landing in the top-five most attended festivals of all time.

The Herald-Progress has helped publicize the festival since its inception in 1978 and is proud to continue to play its humble part. But the true blood, sweat and tears behind the festival belong to the folks down at Black Creek and Hanover Parks and Recreation.

Elbow grease is in no short supply there. Black Creek members were at the festival at dawn unloading bushels of tomatoes. That’s after they spent all day Friday helping vendors set up.

Parks and Recreation staff plan, organize, and launch the event, paying special attention to each detail. The amount of work and planning is truly daunting and those who help make the festival possible each year deserve kudos.

The Hanover Sheriff’s Office is to thank for making sure the event doesn’t become a bumper car derby. While there were several weather-related traffic hiccups this year, the HCSO helped keep everyone at the festival safe and have rightly earned our applause.

The Hanover Tomato Festival truly is a wonderful event. It helps put the county on the map while attracting hordes of folks to the county. Hopefully, local businesses see a positive impact from the increased tourist traffic that makes its way through Hanover each July.

While the 36th Hanover Tomato Festival is a year away, planning will likely begin within the next month and continue until next July.

Thank you to all involved with this year’s festival; you’ve truly helped produce an event we can all be proud of.


Posted on Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 12:44 pm