105 teachers leave Hanover Schools

Posted on Friday, August 16, 2013 at 9:58 am

Since last school year, 105 teachers have left Hanover Public Schools, with only 30 of those retiring, according to data received from Human Resources.

“We haven’t done the final analysis, but I don’t see a significant difference from the last years,” said Charla Cordle, assistant superintendent of human resources, in reference to the rate of teacher departures.

A final report tracking teacher’s departures and whether they’ve moved on to another school system has not been compiled yet. Cordle said often the report is brought to the School Board in September.

With about three weeks left before school starts, the school system is hustling to fill six more positions Cordle said. However, the number of positions still needing to be filled fluctuates.

In addition, the school system puts some positions in limbo, meaning they still exist but a teacher is not currently filling the job, a way to “save money” if student enrollments are lower, Cordle said.

However, due to enrollment increases, four positions were brought back and are in the process of being filled, she added.

The topic of teachers leaving the schools remains a concern for some parents. At an Aug. 13 School Board meeting, Cathy Easter, a parent of two Hanover school graduates, spoke out about the topic during public comment as a Friends of Hanover Schools representative

“Having the highest quality of teachers in the classroom is so very important and I know that by the fabulous experience my children had,” Easter said.

Easter noted that there is a distinction between the types of teachers resigning.

“There’s a difference between a 30-year employee who retires and someone five or 10 years in, who is leaving because of frustrations or feeling like they can get a better situation if they go outside of the district,” Easter said.

She acknowledged and recommended the board continue looking into and interviewing teachers about the reasons behind their departures.

The school system does not currently perform exit interviews. About a year ago the school stopped interviewing teachers because of staff shortages caused by budget cuts, Cordle said.  She added that because of questions raised, they are looking at starting the process back up.

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