Greenwood Road bridge reopens ahead of schedule

The bridge closed earlier this summer after maintenance crews discovered advanced corrosion has reopened for vehicles weighing less than 3 tons.

VDOTAug. 16, the Virginia Department of Transportation announced it had completed repairs on the Greenwood Road bridge at the Henrico/Hanover county line ahead of schedule.

The bridge had been closed since June 20. VDOT began repairs in early August after a complete assessment revealed that replacement was not yet necessary. The bridge has been posted to reflect a maximum weight limit of 3 tons until its scheduled replacement in 2015.

“We’re pleased that the bridge is open earlier than expected,” said Gary Martin, district bridge engineer. “We ask that drivers adhere to the 3-ton weight limit for their safety until the bridge can be replaced.”

VDOT recommends drivers of large trucks and buses use the following alternate routes: Westbound Greenwood Road: Winn’s Church Road northeast to Cedar Lane, east to Old Washington Highway, and south to return to Greenwood Road; Eastbound Greenwood Road: Old Washington Highway north to Cedar Lane, west to Winn’s Church Road and west to return to Greenwood Road.

Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 11:04 am