Letters to the Editor: Week of Sept. 19, 2013

It’s time to return to being Godly people

Any of us that know anything about history should know where America came from. We came from the weight of poverty, the sword of oppression, the depths of religious persecution and the desire for freedom from all of these. We became a nation of farmers, stockmen, builders, statesmen and producers of goods. From a group of loosely connected colonies strung along a thin strip of coastline we became one of the most powerful nations on earth, stretching from ocean to ocean.
We became a nation of charitable God fearing people; lovers of peace but willing to fight for that peace; defenders of the weak, protectors of the innocent, advocates of the less fortunate, declarers of the one and only Almighty God!
The question that needs to be answered now is “Where is America headed?” Much of the food that graces our dining room tables comes from halfway around the world. Our clothes are manufactured in places so far away that they are out of style by the time we get them. Our consumer goods come from far off China, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Argentina; any place that has a cheap labor force and a low standard of living. All in the name of economic progress. Another name for economic progress is greed: pure unadulterated greed.
Visit Auburn and Lewiston, Maine, two cities separated by the beautiful Androscoggin River. Either side of the river is lined with empty buildings that are a testament to that economic progress. Factories that at one time in the not too distant past produced goods for America, and produced a livelihood for Americans. Travel to almost any section of America and you will find the same thing. Testimonials to greed can be found all over this country.
I would not hesitate to suggest that we as American return to being Americans. We should lose the labels we have so easily put upon ourselves. Let us as a nation return to being what we were when we first began. Not African-Americans, or Hispanic Americans; not lrish-Americans or Mexican-Americans; but let us be of one voice, one destiny, one nationality. Hard working, charitable, God-fearing Americans who need not make excuses for what happens to us, for what happens shall be good. Not perfect but at least good.
Our nation was founded on Godly principles, by Godly men (not perfect but Godly), for Godly reasons. It is time we returned to being Godly people.
With God as our pilot and navigator we can once again set America on the path to our rightful destiny.

James T. Myers

Fowler for delegate

I write in enthusiastic support for Buddy Fowler for 55th District Delegate.
In addition to being a long-time resident of Hanover County, an upstanding, loving family man and good friend to many, providing extensive, excellent community service to Hanover County, Fowler has extensive experience in public service including his service as a legislative aide to two delegates who have served the 55th District in the General Assembly.
Fowler is his own man, with the interests of all in our District at heart, and will be able to “hit the ground running,” in the General Assembly, without a “learning curve.” He will immediately be of service to the 55th District when he is elected. Fowler worthily enjoys the support of many in the 55th District and he certainly has my strong support.

E. Marshall Buckles

Radler for delegate

I can count on one hand the number of unique and exceptional people that I’ve met in my lifetime. In one way or another, these individuals have left an impression on me that has endured over decades. Then I met Toni Radler and realized that uniqueness can be multifaceted.
Toni is a natural leader, negotiator, and problem solver. I believe what inspires her most is her faith and a clear conviction that the family unit (regardless of the makeup of that family unit) is at the very core of who we are as Americans.
Toni has deep roots in the 55th District. She’s a community leader, an activist and advocate for the families who live and raise their children here. And it’s because of that activism and involvement in the community that she has developed a keen knowledge of current issues and the disconnect that occurs when citizens are confronted with too much government on some issues and too little on matters of great importance to the people of the 55th.
Standing up to big business and powerful people takes skill and a certain degree of comfort with adversity. Toni has never hesitated to speak “truth to power.” Her push back against the proffers issue in Hanover and Aqua Virginia in Caroline County are excellent examples of citizen activism.
Funding and creating a public educational system that prepares our children for the 21st century should be at the top of everyone’s list, regardless of party lines. Public education is the institution that opens the door to the future and to the dreams of our children. Privatizing or cutting those funds is the wrong approach. Toni Radler has been speaking out against these backward thinking policies that, if put in place, would affect future economic growth and opportunities for all children in Virginia.
The challenges that the 55th District will need to resolve over the decades ahead will be numerous and complex. We must have someone in the House of Representatives that we can trust to protect our freedoms, our families, and who will promote honest debate on issues that affect all families in our great state. Vote for Toni Radler Nov. 5.

Barbara Costin

Elect Toni Radler

In just a few short weeks citizens of the 55th District will have the opportunity to elect a new representative to the House of Delegates.
It is my hope that each voter will take the time to consider the credentials and commitments of each individual candidate. This is not the time to fill this position with a place holder. Hanover County and the State of Virginia desperately need leadership.  We need a representative with fresh ideas and a strategy to knock down the barriers of blind partisan politics. We need a representative who understands leadership is more than casting votes on someone else’s ideas. We need real leadership.
This is why I am casting my vote for Toni Radler to be the 55th District representative to the House of Delegates.

John Gordon
Glen Allen
(The writer is a former member of the Hanover Board of Supervisors.)  

Posted on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 9:49 am