Editorial: Chicken

Posted on Thursday, October 3, 2013 at 11:09 am

As the Herald-Progress was headed to press this week, President Obama was meeting with congressional leaders, hopefully, to figure out a way to get the government running again after a two-day “shutdown.”

Forgive us if a deal came to pass while this week’s issue was spinning through the presses, but we aren’t optimistic.
What little common ground that still exists in Washington D.C. likely resembles the no man’s land of World War I, littered with barbed wire and empty mustard gas canisters.

The shutdown came to pass after the Republican-controlled House attached a rider delaying the implementation of Obamacare to a spending bill that funded other government functions.

Enter the game of chicken, the style of brinksmanship that seems to be the new way of doing business in Washington, to the detriment of most Americans.
The H-P’s inbox soon became littered with press releases from obscure candidates in the Midwest and official statements from some of Virginia’s elected officials and some seeking office.

The finger-pointing came from both political parties. But the truth is, both are to blame.


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