Rural Plains open for tours

Built circa 1723, Rural Plains is the historic home of the Shelton family, associated with patriot Patrick Henry through his marriage with Sarah Shelton.  In May of 1864, during the Overland Campaign, Union and Confederate armies fought at the site in what has come to be known as the battle of Totopotomoy Creek. The house and surrounding land were donated to the Richmond National Battlefield Park in 2006.

Rural Plains will be open to the public each Sunday afternoon, from 1-4 p.m., through Nov.17. Volunteer guides from The Rural Plains Foundation will offer tours of the house and adjacent Totopotomoy Creek Battlefield. Admission is free. The entrance to the Totopotomoy Battlefield at Rural Plains is at 7273 Studley Road, just west of Rural Point Elementary, in Hanover County.

For more information about the site, visit Contact or call (804) 350-5401 to learn about the Rural Plains Foundation and volunteer opportunities.

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 1:09 pm