Letters to the Editor, Week of Oct. 10, 2013

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 12:27 pm

GOP under spell of rightwing extremists

In your Oct. 3 editorial you wrote that both political parties are to blame for the recent budget stalemate resulting in the partial government shutdown. I respectfully disagree.
I encourage you and your subscribers to read “It’s Even Worse Than It Looks” by the bipartisan writers Mann and Ornstein, who put the blame on Washington’s gridlock squarely on the shoulders of the radical Tea Party Republicans. Also, let’s look at some recent facts.
Last year’s slash and burn sequester budget deal was a compromise among President Obama, congressional Democrats, and Republicans. The President and congressional Democrats compromised their higher budget numbers to the economically damaging Republican sequester levels. Again, this year Democrats compromised by agreeing to sequester level budget numbers in the recent budget six-week continuing resolution. A number, I might add, that is a little above the Paul Ryan slash and burn budget.
Yet, Tea Party Republicans demand various policy riders and piecemeal funding amendments on the six-week budget continuing resolution rather than allowing moderates in their party to pass a “clean bill.”
These extreme Tea Party Republican policy riders and self-serving budget amendments are the cause of the partial government shutdown. The Tea Party Republican opposition to heath care insurance reform, inspired by the right leaning Heritage Foundation and implemented in Massachusetts by a Republican governor, should convince reasonable people who is causing our Washington impasse.
Look at the purge in their party nationally, statewide, and locally by extremist Republicans of moderate Republicans. Ask reasonable moderates like Dick Lugar, Bill Bolling, Jim Dillard, and John Gordon who is to blame for our gridlock.
We were accurate to label the Democrats of the late 1960s and early 1970s as left-wing extremists. Let’s now recognize that Republicans have fallen under the spell of right-wing Tea Party extremists.

Dr. William B. Porch


Thankful lost luggage was recovered safely

On Friday, Sept. 20, my family and I decided to stay the night in Ashland as we made our way from central Pennsylvania to Myrtle Beach for a family vacation.  In the excitement and hurry of getting our stuff packed up to complete the trip the next morning, each of us assumed someone else had closed the back van door.
We discovered the mistake quickly, just across the road from the hotel, but we did not realize that, in that short period, we had lost a suitcase. Unpacking that evening at the beach, we realized our mistake. Thankfully, someone in your community had turned the bag in that day and we were able to pick it up on the way back north.  My wife and I want to thank that person and the police who helped us out.  It left a very positive impression of your town.

Jeff and Michelle Hyde
Centre Hall, Pa.

Fowler has my vote

Oct. 3, three candidates for the 55th District of the Virginia House of Delegates debated at Patrick Henry High School. The candidates are Buddy Fowler, Republican; Toni Radler, Democrat; and Christopher Sullivan, Libertarian.
As Toni Radler campaigned for the seat once held by Patrick Henry, she stated that freedom and liberty are nice but “impractical.”  That told me all I need to know about this candidate.
Next, when discussing her pro-choice position, Radler said, “Don’t confuse the right to choose with abortion.” Then exactly what choice is she speaking of? She went on to imply that Republicans are closing clinics that provide “the right to choose.”  The only thing that has changed is the requirement that any facility performing those procedures meets the same health standards as any other medical facility. Isn’t that pro-women regardless of your view on abortion?
Candidates Buddy Fowler and Christopher Sullivan presented their platforms clearly and factually and without any biting asides – more statesman-like presentations.
I will vote for Buddy Fowler for Delegate for the 55th District. He provides common sense solutions with a strong commitment to preserve our liberties.  I urge you to do the same.

Liza Bradford

Radler is best for the job

Voters who missed the Candidates’ Forum last week at Patrick Henry High School missed an opportunity to see just why Toni Radler is the best choice to represent the 55th House District in the General Assembly.
Of the three candidates, Radler was informed, articulate, and solution-oriented. She also exhibited a passion to truly represent us, not special moneyed interests. Her campaign is powered by the people. Unlike her opponent, Radler is neither a puppet nor a placeholder for a fractured Republican Party that has clearly lost its way.
Toni Radler will be an authentic, honest and trustworthy voice for all of us. We’re voting for Toni Radler because she will work in a bipartisan fashion to fully fund public education, create jobs, and protect the rights of women and their health care choices.
Hands down, she is the best candidate for the job and we urge you to vote for Toni Radler on Nov. 5.

Pattie Bland and Melissa Dopp

We need Radler in Richmond

Thank you to the Herald-Progress and the Friends of Hanover Schools for sponsoring the candidate’s Forum for the 55th District House of Delegates election and congratulations to Toni Radler, who emerged as the clear winner.
Radler will be a strong advocate for the people of the district. With her reporter’s instincts, she tackles tough problems, asks penetrating questions and relentlessly looks for the truth, just as she did in fighting the proffer debacle. She leads with clarity, compassion and courage, which she demonstrated with the Christian Children’s Fund working on behalf of children in crisis situations worldwide.
Hanover needs Radler working on our behalf in the General Assembly.

Mary Anne Pugh

A pillar lost in Doswell

Jim Vass went to his Maker on Oct. 5.  Hanover County, and the Doswell area in particular, lost a pillar of the community.  Jim was very instrumental in the service of Elon Baptist Church as a deacon. Additionally, he was a permanent director of the Doswell Ruritan Club, and by extension, a airector of the Hanover Christmas Mother, Inc. and the Doswell Community Center Foundation, Inc.
Whenever Jim became aware of someone in need, he would befriend them and instigate action by a county resource to help them. Jim would befriend anyone that just needed someone to be there for them and be their advocate.  I know this about Jim because of my personal observation of him.  And, I know this because of my personal experience when he came to my aid as an 18-year friend and advocated for me in my time of need.  Here’s hoping they didn’t “throw-away-the-mold.”

Ronald D. Reed

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