Letters to the Editor, Week of Oct. 31, 2013

Posted on Thursday, October 31, 2013 at 11:28 am

Sen. Ted Cruz: Patriot, not an idiot

I was frankly shocked and disappointed by Greg Glassner’s opinion piece in “The Tomato Patch” published in last week’s H-P.  He managed to insult several people and organizations. I will highlight just a few.
He had this to say about veterans who had been planning to visit the WWII Memorial for months, thanks to the generosity of an organization called Honor Flight Network: “a few people were inconvenienced. Oh, a few teary-eyed vets escorted by their tour guide, Michelle Bachman, were unable to view the World War II memorial…”. First of all, he misspelled Michele Bachmann’s first and last names. Second, this isn’t about Michele Bachmann, this is about those veterans who had been looking forward to seeing their memorial. This was not a time to be flippant regarding our veterans.
He went on to say “the only positive thing about this whole shutdown fiasco was that some idiot actually read “Green Eggs and Ham” into the Congressional Record.” I don’t appreciate Glassner calling Ted Cruz an idiot. Sen. Cruz was doing what he was elected to do. To prove my point, he recently received a standing ovation from his constituents that lasted over 10 minutes.
I applaud anyone in Washington who is encouraging a national debate about the harms of Obamacare. I wonder if Mr. Glassner or his extended family have been affected yet by Obamacare, as mine has with a new $8,000 deductible. If so, maybe he would be referring to Sen. Cruz as a patriot instead of an idiot.

Debbie Agliano

Supervisors should vote against theater

Having lived in Mechanicsville for more than 30 years, I have witnessed the increased traffic on Route 360.
A large movie complex with 13 screens will increase traffic even more and will decrease our quality of life.
People heading to the theater will soon use the surrounding neighborhoods to get around the traffic on Route 360, which could create a real safety issue as the streets weren’t built for that amount of traffic.
Today, people can walk their dogs, children play and people walk for their health. This area would be a better fit for an office complex or a business with light traffic and short hours.
Sometimes movie theaters in other areas of Richmond run movies till early morning hours. Board of Supervisors, please listen to the people who elected you to represent us and vote against the movie theater.

Joanne J. Stevenson

‘Spooktacular’ well worth our support

My wife Katharine and I attended the Whistle Stop Theatre Company’s Halloween “Spooktacular” Sunday afternoon at the Firehouse Theatre. It seemed to be the sort of activity that wonderfully typifies the small town atmosphere of Ashland, something that many say is slipping away.
Here, however, is an energetic group of people who provide a delightful activity for local children.
It was impressive how they managed to take a story as frightening as “The Monkey’s Paw” and make it palatable to the kids, and to distil “The Raven” into the essential parts and a length that could be attended to by children.
The efforts at audience participation were well rewarded by the children’s enthusiasm.
In sum this appears to be an endeavor well worth the support of our community.

Dennis and Katharine Kilgore

Re: Apology needed from candidate

Hanover Supervisor  Sean M. Davis wrote a letter last week misrepresenting a candidate running for the 55th district. I take issue with his smarmy misrepresentations of the facts.
The candidate he attacked had spoken critically of the current Board of Supervisors, causing the auditorium of over 400 citizens to literally burst into applause supporting her statement. That is why he attacked.
Davis said he was “appalled” and “demanded an apology.”  He had twisted a straight-forward answer and a simple cautionary statement. He willfully, intentionally, misrepresented that candidates’ statements. That is unethical.
Here is the sequence he misrepresented. Q: “What type of support would you give to implement the reform required by the Department of Justice settlement on behalf of Virginians with disabilities?”
The candidate’s full answer (click time 1:17:26 on the Herald-Progress’s online audio stream): “Well, I’m for community-based services. I certainly am! But I just want to issue a tiny word of caution. I remember when they closed mental health facilities in the 80’s or 75. The hue and cry was they will be taken care of in the community. I always tend to love, to believe, good things are going to happen. And that was the beginning of the Richmond Homeless population.”
After his smarmy attack letter, I hope the residents of Davis’ District have a much better choice for supervisor next year. Careful, your pants are on fire, Sean M. Davis, Hanover Supervisor.

Lou Szari

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