Stained glass artist featured at craft show

Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 10:16 am

Lamps by Karen Gellatly

Lamps by featured artist, Karen Gellatly.


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Karen Gellatly is a local artist who creates fused and stained glass pieces including lampshades, bowls, and other items. Her art will be featured at Heavenly Creations Arts and Crafts Show at St. James the Less Episcopal Church at 125 Beverly Road in Ashland this weekend. This annual arts and crafts show begins Friday, Nov. 22 from 6-9 p.m. The show continues Saturday, Nov. 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information about Heavenly Creations is available at

Recently, we caught up with Karen to ask her a few questions about her art and the process involved with creating it.

Q: How did your lamp shade trade begin? 

A: It all started with the purchase of a bottle of Happy Vodka – I couldn’t throw that Smiley Face in the recycle bin, my Dad suggested I make a lamp shade for it…I haven’t stopped looking for fun and interesting bottles since! I am always looking for interesting shaped and colored bottles – and away I go wiring the lamp and designing the shade!

Q: What do you do when you’re not making art?

A: I have a small “carriage trade” travel agency downtown, which supports my glass habit!  So when I am not putting fabulous trips around the world together I am busy at home putting fun lamps together.

Q: What makes the whole process so exciting for you?

A: I start with an interesting shaped bottle, and end up with a great lamp to warm up a corner – It is very satisfying to see all the parts come together.

Q: I saw on your website a lampshade designed in the shape of a woman’s dress shoe that you call “The Golden Slipper.” Where did the idea to do this come from? 

A: I found that great bottle in a thrift store in Suffolk and had to make a diva statement with it – everyone that sees it has a smile come over their face – and we all could use more smiles.

Q: Which piece of yours is your favorite? Why? 

A: Mrs. Butterworth is my mascot—I don’t go to a show without her – everyone has a memory of that great bottle on the table growing up.  So if I see her in a consignment shop she comes home with me so I always have a new little lady to light up!

Q: How much time do you spend making your art? How much time does each lamp and lamp shade take to make? 

A: That is a hard question to answer – it all depends on how many interruptions I allow myself.

Q: What are you currently working on? 

A: A red cat bottle for Ashland.

Q: What new pieces will be for sale at the Heavenly Creations Arts and Crafts Show this weekend at St. James the Less?

A: My lamps are always changing with each bottle I find, I never know what the finished product will be until I am halfway through since I don’t work with patterns – I was never good with following instructions.

Q: Where can people find out more about your art? 

A: Well the most recent work will be at St. James the Less Nov. 22 and 23, then I display/sell my work in Crossroads Art Center and Laurel Gallery in Richmond.

You can find more info on the artist by visiting .

More info on Heavenly Creations Arts and Crafts Show at

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