Letters to the Editor: Week of Jan. 23, 2014

SOLs’ good ol’ days

School signboards posted messages last year during SOL testing.
The message was that there would be from 21 to 23 days of testing.
Why so many days?
According to three principals, there were not enough computers.
Why, in the pre-computer days, did SOL testing only take about seven school days?
Simple answer: pencils were used.
Twenty-plus days of testing results in a ridiculous length of testing tension for  students and faculty.
I would hope that our Hanover school system could exercise a bit more common sense and compassion for the length of the test taking.
What would it take to return the schools to a seven-day, test taking procedure for the dreaded SOLs using pencils?

Marshall Johnson

Support in time of sadness appreciated by Ashland Police

I would like to take this opportunity to share my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the Ashland community and beyond.
Last week was one of the saddest weeks in memory and rocked the foundation of the Ashland Police Department family. I am in awe of the support we received from the community in the form of donations for the Menzies family, gifts of food at the police station and encouraging messages in cards, emails and social media.
As we continue to support our friend, please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Chief Douglas Goodman & staff,
Ashland Police Department

Fatal crash is tragedy for all those involved

Having just returned to Ashland after two weeks, I was most distressed and dismayed by the news of the death of Meg Menzies. I was also shocked by the reporting that Michael Carlson, MD, was the driver of the car that hit Mrs. Menzies.
I have lived in Ashland for 15 years and have been a patient of Dr. Carlson’s for all those years. I think of him as a kind, caring, responsible, and knowledgeable internist who has chosen to care for so many people like me. He has been associated with Teresa Thomas Medical Center for all these years. Dr. Carlson not only has taken care of many patients,  but is raising three children because his own wife was killed in an automobile crash when those children were very young.
I don’t know what exactly happened on that morning, but I assume Dr. Carlson was driving toward Ashland to work. It is indeed a tragedy of monumental proportions for both families.

Mary Lou Brown  

Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2014 at 2:11 pm