Nominations open for Mechanicsville school board seat

One seat on the school board is up for grabs soon.

Nominations for the Mechanicsville District school board seat, currently held by Vice Chair Glenn Millican Jr., will be accepted at the board of supervisors’ May 14 public hearing.



Millican, who has served on the board for 24 years, told the Herald-Progress today that he is seeking another term.

“I would very much like to be reappointed,” Millican said.

He was first appointed to the school board in 1990 and has served the school system ever since. Millican said he has never looked back.

“It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve been involved with,” he said.

Though the position has its hard times, Millican said he has always enjoyed it. As a school board member, Millican said he puts roughly 30 hours a month into reading and researching agenda items in addition to meeting and talking with constituents and school staff about various education issues and topics.

During budget seasons, more time is required for board members and Millican said he works closer to 50 hours, because it’s a long process and often the meetings last longer.

At the moment, Millican is spearheading an effort to increase digital communication between the board and the public. He has spent the past year researching different possibilities and platforms that could be used.

“There are projects that I have started that I’d like to see through,” he said.

Also on Millican’s priority list is improving the existing curriculum by figuring out ways to better engage students with digital means. Millican said he would like to “meet them where they are rather than where we are.”

Facility maintenance is another concern of Millican’s. He said there is some “worn” equipment throughout the division that must be replaced at some point, which he would like to see addressed if he were reappointed.

Anyone interested in the position must be nominated at the public hearing.

Mechanicsville District Supervisor W. Canova Peterson handles the school board appointment for his area, but ultimately the entire board must agree on the decision.

Peterson said Monday that he would not release the names of other individuals interested in the seat before the official nominations are made during the May public hearing, but confirmed that he had been approached by two or three interested parties.

The last time nominations were held for the seat, no one challenged Millican. School board terms are for four years.

Posted on Monday, April 21, 2014 at 1:10 pm