Letters to the Editor: Week of Jan. 10, 2012

There is worth in every living creature, even beagles

Late Saturday afternoon I received a call from a friend who is building a house in the Old Church area of Hanover County. He said a scared and tired little beagle had shown up at the construction site. The little guy didn’t have a collar.  I set out to see if I could track down the hunter he belonged to, knowing full well since he didn’t have a collar the owner was probably through with him and did not want him back.  I found a group of hunters and they said they would be by the site to see if the dog belonged to them.
As I drove up to the site, the poor little guy was sitting and looking at every truck that went by on the road, obviously hoping his owner would pull in and take him home. I was finally able to get close enough and win his confidence so I could scratch his chin and try to assure him.  He was shivering, his paw pads were raw, and his ears scratched from running in the woods.  He would howl every now and then, I guess hoping his owner would hear him.
Finally, a couple of the hunters from Old Church Hunt Club pulled in the driveway. For the first time the little beagle actually wagged his tail and ran up to the truck. The man got out of the car and informed me that wasn’t their dog, since all their dogs have collars.  I had hoped he would take the little guy anyway.  Instead he said, “Nope, not one of ours, but don’t worry, he’ll probably wander off in a little while.”
My question is: when did we become a society where it is OK to throw away animals and have no concern for their well being?  This dog did his duty to his owner every hunting season and at the end he is repaid by being abandoned and left to either get hit by a car or starve in the woods.
Due to circumstances neither my friend nor I could take the sweet little guy.  We ended up calling Hanover Animal Control.  The nice officer who came to take him away said that this happens at the end of every hunting season.  Instead of people signing over their unwanted dogs to the pound for a humane end or possibility of adoption, they leave them out for a horrible death either by starvation or ending up on the road.
I hope the sweet boy gets adopted or rescued but my gut tells me that won’t happen.  My only hope is the person who abandoned him at some point in time realizes the worth of every living creature.

Nancy Foster


Taxation leaves a bad taste

In regards to the removal of proffers: Taxation without representation – wasn’t this what the American Revolution was all about? Just who will foot the bill for additional schools and highways in the county? Removal of the proffers will benefit only the developers. Maybe our Board of Supervisors is not aware of how increased taxation in America and especially in Hanover County leaves a bad taste. Maybe this can be corrected come next election. Too bad we have to wait several more years.

Marion Jones

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2013 at 11:48 am