Letters to the Editor, Week of Jan. 17, 2012

Dog owners should make sure their pets don’t pose a threat

On Dec. 5, 2012, a Pit Bull from the neighborhood came onto my property and attacked and slaughtered my 13-year-old, gray Persian, Mickey. An officer from Animal Control took charge explaining the procedures he needed to follow in such cases as well as somewhat easing my horror of losing my Mickey. This officer was determined to catch this dog and later that evening, he and a fellow officer did catch and take the dog to the shelter.
A thorough investigation was done and even though there was a witness to the dog’s being in my area and of that neighbor’s, it was decided that the owner would not be charged in court.
Maybe some Pit Bull owners think their dogs have the right to kill cats, rabbits or anything else that moves. I wonder how they would feel if their dogs were killed in their backyards. Owners of such dogs have the legal responsibility to ensure these dogs do not run loose, creating potential harm to children and other animals.
Citizens of Hanover County are very fortunate to have the officers of Animal Control working for them. The professional manner in which this case was handled in addition to the courtesy and empathy shown to me during this difficult time demonstrates the high caliber of responsibility these officers bring to their duties.
Justice for Mickey? Not on this planet. No animal deserves to die in such a terrifying manner. While this killer dog is free enjoying his treats, Mickey has had his last.

Jean Dunn


Trash, an appropriate label

Large banners at the Hanover County recycling centers encourage all of us to recycle. “Don’t throw discards away. This is like throwing away money.”
Thanks to a few overenthusiastic county residents, we now have to trash all books, magazines, videos and household goods.
The recycling areas for these items are off limits so all potential recyclables are now considered trash.
“Trash” is an appropriate label for the people who made this restriction necessary.

Marshall Johnson

Posted on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 10:34 am