Editorial: Time will tell budget’s impact

Last week, the Hanover School Board adopted a budget that cuts 16 teachers from its ranks.

The bleeding could have been worse, and we know the decision did not come lightly for those in the driver’s seat.

Time will tell if this budget serves to the detriment of the school system or not. We still believe that the school board should have submitted a “hat in hand” budget; one that asks for increased local monies and cuts no positions. This would have showed teachers that the school board was at least in their corner.

Still, the school board chose the lesser of two evils and deserves some credit for saving eight jobs.

We also applaud the school board for not going through with the proposed “pay to participate” scenario that would have charged students to participate in extracurricular activities. Athletics and the arts are important to a well-rounded education. Forcing students to “pay to play” had the potential to rob some students of this vital experience, which has also been linked to academic achievement and morale among students.

Hopefully, as the economy continues to pick up steam and local home values normalize, the school board will not have to consider similar budget-trimming tactics. We also hope that Hanover’s school system will be able to offset its staffing cuts; that it has not set itself up to do more with less in perpetuity.

The ball is now in the board of supervisors’ court as they begin to hash out Hanover’s budget for the next fiscal year. We hope the school system will be spared any further cuts.

Posted on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 3:30 pm