Mechanicsville – Sheila Talley

December 18, 2014


Happy Hanukah wishes go out to all of our Jewish brothers and sisters, who are in the midst of celebrating. May your candles glow brightly and your traditions be honored.

I hear the Mechanicsville Christmas parade was wonderful as always with many neighbors riding on floats and many watching and making parties out of this occasion.

Thank you, neighbors and friends for all of your decorating efforts. Every day or evening something new is up. It is so nice to walk through the neighborhood when the lights are just coming on or in early morning. I do have one pet peeve though. I hate to see the blowups when they are sleeping in a crumple on the ground. Of course I understand you can’t keep them up 24-7 and since I have no other suggestions, I’ll just shut up. The displays are so adorable when lit up and running. Santa will be coming soon by way of fire engine. Be sure to check the Herald-Progress website to see what night your neighborhood will be visited.

Speaking of decorations, have you ever seen a bike Tree? We visited Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, the other night and I’m truly amazed at the Carnival-Like extravaganza. There was a tree decorated entirely with real bike and wheels from bikes with lights everywhere. Later we saw a tree sculpture made of bicycles painted white. Luckily we choose a not-so-cold night, but there is so much to see inside the educational buildings. Inside the library is a display of dollhouses that brings back memories from the old days for the ladies. The trains display seemed to attract the men and little kids. If you can, check it out. Go early to see the indoor exhibits and have enough time for kids to make a craft. I hadn’t been in a few years and found it all a delight.

Mark your calendars for Dec. 30 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. when the Mechanicville Library will present a movie for all ages. There will be refreshments provided by the Friends of Mechanicsville Library. The kids might just need some time out by then so go and enjoy.

One of my friends has had some bad luck this year. She knows things will get better and are not monumental, but it hasn’t been easy. So when we went shopping, she decided to leave all her very traditional décor packed up this year after she spied a fully-decorated table tree. She chose this cute lime-green tree with pink, orange and feather decorations in a consignment shop to surprise her husband. I had to laugh because it is not the kind of tree either of us would usually pick. I predict that little tree will bring forth a lot of laughter in her family and a sign that joyful times are on the way. I hope she keeps it so I can borrow it one year.

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