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Fill your Pie Hole

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 12:58 pm

A college town wouldn’t be complete with at least one local pizza place within walking distance from campus.  Karen Verdisco officially opened up her new restaurant, Pie Hole, in Ashland Feb. 8 to a hungry crowd of guests.

Located in the former Glass America building across from the Ashland Town Center on England Street, Pie Hole offers handmade Neapolitan-style pizza created with fresh ingredients. The restaurant reimagines the typical pizza joint, with pizza toppings like figs, goat cheese, pancetta and chorizo.

Even the small plates and desserts—featuring Brussel sprouts, burrata cheese and Nutella pizza—provide an experience altogether different from most family restaurants.

Pie Hole’s location in Ashland is ideal for a restaurant of its kind.  Verdisco summarized the restaurant’s first week of success in one word: “Fantastic.”

“I like to stay in the suburbs and we were just looking for a cool little town to open up in,” Verdisco said.

“We’re really happy we moved forward with this location. It’s been a great town to open up in and everyone has been very friendly.”

Verdisco also currently owns Brew in Chesterfield, which centers on burgers, small plates and salads. The second Brew Gastropub location in Midlothian was sold last November.

Though Brew and Pie Hole’s menus offer different main courses, both restaurants were designed to provide fresh, handmade meals.

“We hand make everything—we hand make our dressing, we hand cut all of our fries at our other spot,” Verdisco said. “Our dough here is our recipe and we hand stretch it.”

“Everything is fresh.”

Pie Hole offers 24 taps of craft beer for guests to enjoy with their handmade pizza. According to Verdisco at least half of the taps at Pie Hole contain local beers, and features two of Center of the Universe Brewing Co.’s brews.

“We really focus on providing [local beer] to our guests,” Verdisco said.  “We support all of the local breweries and they support us.”

A restaurant as unique as Pie Hole doesn’t skimp on the details. Their pizza boxes, from Green Box, are made from recycled materials, and include perforations on the top to be punched out into plates.

“The turnout has been great; the community has been really welcoming,” Verdisco said.

“We’re happy to be here and happy to be open, and we’re looking forward to continuing the success we’ve had so far.”