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Kathy’s Covfefe

Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 11:09 am

Let me be clear: there are far greater threats currently facing us as a nation than Kathy Griffin’s tone-deaf attempt at a joke. Terrorist attacks both in and out of our country have shown us the worst of humanity. Decisions that will forever impact our planet have been made with no regard to the world we are leaving behind for our children’s children’s children.

Still, Griffin’s choice to display such violent imagery was the wrong one. In case you missed it the source of the controversy was a staged photo of Griffin holding up a fake, bloody head, that bore a likeness to Donald Trump. Throughout Barack Obama’s time as president we saw footage of folks burning, hanging, and otherwise maiming him in effigy. While much of that foe violence was racially motivated, it doesn’t make what Griffin did all that different.

Public frustration over Trump’s policies are allowed, outrage over his comments towards women, people of color, oppressed communities, also allowed.  Showcasing those feelings in such a violent way helps nothing.

In a press conference held by Griffin after the pictures caused public outcry she claimed she had been bullied by Trump saying, “he broke me, he broke me, he broke me.” Much of the nation felt broken after Trump was elected, however someone in Kathy Griffin’s field, tax bracket, and race has just about the least to worry about.

Griffin has made an entire career out of making fun of celebrities, which is all fine and good until you claim someone is bullying you. You can’t have it both ways. If you make millions off of being a professional bully you cant claim to be bullied by someone else.

What Griffin did was beyond bullying, holding up a fake Trump head that is smothered in blood. Is this really how we hope that this strange chapter in American history ends, with violence? I for one do not.

Preaching non-violence and inclusion means exactly that. Those are the morals that Griffin and others on the left pride themselves on.  Those morals have to extend to everyone or else they mean nothing.

Griffin’s career will be just fine. This incident will blow over quickly as more pressing matters take its place. Barron Trump’s psyche likely won’t be permanently scarred from this particular incident.  Nonetheless it was ugly, and in these times the last thing we need is more of that.