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Letters to the Editor: Week of July 10, 2014

Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 10:45 am

Do what it takes to provide jobs

I went to the Board of Supervisor’s meeting the evening of June 25 and heard an excellent presentation by the Director of Economic Development, Mr. Edwin Gaskin as to the reason to re-negotiate the CDA bonds. I must admit that I did not understand all the dotted I’s and crossed T’s, but it sure sounded like it was a plan to get the Winding Brook complex flowing again. Knowing the level of expertise that Mr. Gaskin has when it comes to successfully meeting goals in advancing economic development for Hanover County, I spoke in support of “following Mr. Gaskin’s lead” in approving this proposal.
One of greatest benefit in “righting the ship” for this project is providing jobs, jobs and more jobs for current Hanover residents and just as importantly, jobs, jobs and more jobs for our youth. We spend millions each year in providing one of the most outstanding educational systems in Virginia and then who receives the benefit of our educating these outstanding students? You guessed it, Henrico and Chesterfield Counties and Richmond City. It is time that we do whatever it takes to provide outstanding jobs for our outstanding graduates. I don’t know if this re-negotiation flies in the face “of the free market system” but I do know the huge potential for providing our citizens with high paying jobs. Whatever it takes, lets start providing jobs, jobs, jobs.

Dan Johnson
Bicycle wolfpacks impede motorists

Well it is that time of year again. Summer is in the air. Unfortunately that brings out the bicyclists. All ready I have run into them on back roads. Now I am not talking about the 2 or 3 that ride together. I am talking about the packs of 10, 20 or more. The ones who travel on the back roads where there is no shoulder and you in no way can pass because of the curves ahead or because they are riding 3 and 4 wide with no spacing between themselves. Do they realize how hard it is to pass all of them at one time? Then when you try or crowd them into spacing themselves apart you get obscene hand gestures thrown at you.
I have been online trying to find the laws on this and cannot. To be honest it is hazardous to us both. Maybe someone in the biking community or the Sheriff’s Office can help out as to what we as automobilist are supposed to do. It is very frustrating following these people at 20 mph.
The other thing I want to touch on is runners. Since when is it OK to run on a back road with no shoulder. I see this all the time on River Road and one day I was going to the transfer station on 301 at Courthouse Park and here are a couple of runners running on the road going to the station. Hello, there is a running track at the park. There are tracks at most schools. Why are you people (runners and bicyclists) putting yourselves in harm’s way against a 3000+ pound of rolling metal. Accidents do happen. Your bike could blow a tire. You could trip on a loose rock. The person driving could be texting, yacking on the phone, changing the channel on the radio. I just don’t get it. Roads were not designed for people running or bicyclist riding on them 50 years ago. Some new roads are and that is great stay on these roads. Not Route 54 and back roads to Montpelier, Ashland, Mechanicsville and Hanover.
Want us motorist to share the road how about register your bikes and running shoes, pay yearly taxes on them, get license plates to wear and turn signals and horns installed and state inspection stickers yearly saying your items are OK.
I often think of Mrs. Menzies who got hit by that driver and thought what if she would have just driven five minutes from her house to the track at the Route 301 Courthouse Park. Would she still be here? Anybody that knows me knows that I am not the athletic type in any way shape or form but if I were I really don’t think I would take a chance up against an automobile the odds are against you. You folks who bike and run really need to think about what you are doing, really; or someone explain as to why us motorists should have put up with it.

Melvin Southworth