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Letters to the Editor, Week of July 17, 2014

Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 11:41 am

Support of book sale much appreciated

On July 4, we, the Friends of the Richard S. Gillis Library in Ashland, held our annual Book Sale. It was highly successful because of the support the Ashland/Hanover community gave to our effort. We want to thank you for your generosity in donating thousands of books that were part of your home libraries and for coming to buy books given by others.
In addition, we wish to recognize those volunteers from our community who helped us organize and sell the books, the many merchants in our area who let us post our 2014 July 4th Book Sale signs, the wide variety of companies that agreed to publish our announcement and the special support we received from the Ashland Main Street Association, the Hanover Arts and Activities Center, the Herald-Progress and We Think In Ink.
After our sale, we donated all extra books to Hanover Habitat for Humanity, Books on Wheels and individuals who then gave them to prisoners and needy children.
As throughout the many years we have held this sale, we will use all proceeds to meet library needs, such as technological equipment, refurbishing, and community programs.
Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Pamela K. Fay-Williams
Past-President, Friends
of the Richard S. Gillis Library

Where was coverage of Beaverdam 4th?

Great coverage on the Ashland 4th of July parade. Once again, the Herald Progress has a nice article with front-page coverage, large color photos with continued coverage on the inside.
I have been – it is a great event! However, I am disappointed that once again the Beaverdam Ruritan Independence Parade Celebration gets overlooked. I would be OK with both parades getting local press. The only coverage our event got was a photo we submitted to announce Miss Beaverdam winners. Thanks to Debbie Murphy for printing that in the Neighborhood Network.
This year marked the Beaverdam Ruritan’s 38th year of hosting this great small-town, annual community event. Many of your readers may not know about this event – since little to no press is ever given. It is a motorized parade – 5 miles through western Hanover landing at Ruritan Park where Miss Beaverdam gets crowned, veterans are recognized, “Beaverdam Mayor” candidates kick off their campaigns, sack races are run, faces are painted, games are played and BBQ chicken dinners are enjoyed. The parade is small town hokey – anyone and everyone can be in it.
Beaverdam Youth League teams throw candy from their floats, tractors, muscle cars, antique vehicles, firetrucks and horseback riders proudly go through town. This year we had the privilege of having the Purple Heart Fire Truck carrying local Veterans as well as a pack of classic Ford Mustangs celebrating the 50th year of the car.
Each year the parade has familiarity and something new. It is a great slice of life with kids growing up being in a parade or catching candy from one. Can’t beat that!
When the event is held in 2016, it will be the 40th year of our Independence Day Parade. Maybe, if we ask now, we can get coverage of this event in Beaverdam.

Rose Little
President of Beaverdam Ruritan Club

Elephant in a shoebox

Regarding the wall/fence at the Mexican border, could anyone tell me the advantage of such a costly project in stopping illegal entry into the United States? To me, it’s like trying to keep an elephant in a shoebox.

Phyllis Terrell