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Letters to the Editor: Week of July 24, 2014

Posted on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 11:14 am

Town of Ashland’s on the up-and-up

The Town of Ashland’s elected officials and staff, working with surrounding businesses and volunteers from the Ashland Main Street Association, deserves a round of applause for the job well done with the recent streetscape improvements. Improvements include widened sidewalks to allow for more foot traffic and outdoor dining, enhanced parking, new lighting and landscaping, and a safer crosswalk across Route 54 to get residents and shoppers to and from more businesses.
Over the past few weeks there have a been a couple new businesses to open up along the Main Street Corridor: Tiny Tim’s Toys on Railroad Avenue and Gallery Flux’s annex space on England Street. Hugh Joyce, the owner of Gallery Flux and the annex space, has recently been elected the new President of the Ashland Main Street Association, taking the reins from Nancy Cozart. In addition to working with the town on the streetscape improvements, the Association recently debuted its new ice cream cart, which will be at events throughout town, and had a fantastic turnout for the annual Ashland Chalk Walk.
Again, congratulations and thank you to all involved with these great new improvements and activities in town!

Clark Mercer