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Letters to the Editor, Week of May 8, 2014

Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Where are your morals, Del. Peace?

In his first race for Delegate, Chris Peace was found in violation of one of Virginia’s few election laws by the State Board of Elections after an investigation by a Commonwealth’s Attorney. When I see Chris I ask him if he has found his ethics yet. Sometimes he does not answer me, but he has never said “yes.”
In his H-P Guest Commentary last week, and in other forums, Chris has demonstrated how far he has strayed from ethical conduct. He extols his support for Virginia’s educational system and children while promising to ruin both by his threats to blow up the state budget. He is unwilling to vote for a budget that includes health care, a Senate Republican-endorsed plan, for some of those children and their parents.
Chris, and Virginia, can have both education and health care today for the same cost. It is a twofer. There are around 400,000 Virginians who earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid, and too little to qualify for Affordable Care. Some of those people are Chris’s constituents, some acquaintances from his home town, people he has known from childhood. Chris would prefer for those Virginians to sicken, perhaps die, or to be bankrupted by health care costs, rather than to have health care at no cost to Virginia for the first years, and 10 cents on the dollar thereafter.
The questions become “Chris, will you ever find your ethics?” and “Have you no sense of decency?” I encourage all to ask Chris those questions at every opportunity. He might also be reminded that ministering to the poor and healing the sick are fundamental Christian values, even though not currently embraced by Republicans in the House of Delegates.
Chris, please find your ethics and do your job for your constituents, lifelong acquaintances, and Virginia. You can be proud of the job you have done as delegate instead of ashamed. It is easy. Pass the budget with education and health care.

Cliff Rowland

There is no natural right to thrive

Ted Mentz’s letter about the pickup truck with wings, for criticizing the double standard of property tax rates, was the most hilariously creative letter ever in this paper, but I am fairly confident that the Communists are considerably annoyed at he and I for constantly “barking” about tax inequities and the ever-expanding scope of governmental duties.
I agree that the ban on Sunday hunting should continue so that others may enjoy nature without being endangered. The most logical solutions would be for those hunters to take some of their vacation during hunting season or to work four 10-hour days.
Isn’t it bad enough that the hunter has had so much of his recreational opportunities in Hanover paved over with uselessness and filled with people that can’t take care of themselves? Who wants to hear another’s conversation on a cell phone in a store or restaurant? What about the constant whine of those individuals that have become so engulfed in their deluded notions of their moral and intellectual superiority coupled with the lust to spend other people’s money through the mechanism of government?
Hunters and fishermen use their skills to chase game to put food on the table, while the rest of society chase their tails in pursuit of currency by engaging in the constant commerce of crap (globalization and corporate consolidation). Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of Mr. Mentz wanting to keep and spend his own money with his desire to tell others how to enjoy life? If we could get people to understand that you do not have a natural right to thrive then we could start to make progress.

Randy Waters

When will Cantor look into Benghazi?

Rep. Eric Cantor, when are you going to support the formation of a Select Committee to investigate and report to the House on: any intelligence known to the United States relating to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Sept. 11, 2012; any requests for additional security, or actions taken by federal agencies to improve security at the consulate before the attack; a definitive timeline of it; how the relevant agencies and the executive branch responded to it and whether appropriate congressional notifications were made; any improper conduct by officials relating to the attack; recommendations on what steps Congress and the President should take to prevent future attacks; and any other relevant issues relating to the attack or the response to it?
Given the “smoking gun” emails that were recently brought to light by Judicial Watch, it is past time to investigate this. President Nixon was forced to resign over a cover-up that did not involve the deaths of a U.S. Ambassador and three others.  It’s time to put politics aside and honor those four Americans by holding the right people accountable for it.
As a constituent and delegate to the 7th District Convention May 10, I would like to know what you intend to do about this.

Ed Gooding

Community should support Habitat

This is a letter of praise and appreciation for Habitat for Humanity. Today, I watched as the first wall of another home was lifted into place. I have watched the progress at Bailey Woods since it was a large wooded acreage. I have a personal interest as Habitat is building a very nice house for my grand-daughter, a single mother.
The Habitat program is a great way for struggling families to own a home. So much thanks goes to volunteer workers, from college students and community citizens to families and friends.
I hope the Hanover community will support and encourage the good homeowners in Bailey Woods.

Phyllis Terrell