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Ashland – Meriwether Gilmore

January 19, 2017


Many of us have lived here for so long, that we take it for granted that two train tracks run through the center of our town. Not just the middle of town, but the tracks run down the middle of our main street through town! We understand that just walking across Center Street requires us to look both ways for cars and locomotives, and moving your car from one side to another could take 15 minutes and/or include several alternative routes.
The trains keep us residents on our toes, and we’ve grown to understand how quickly we may have to change planned routes. A long freight train going through town means that either the Ashcake or Archie Cannon crossing will open faster than Routet 54. A stopped train takes some guesswork and maybe a long drive along Center Street – does this train stretch all the way to Francis Street?
My point is that we have developed these nuances from living here for years, and as our town grows, so does the amount of people who come to visit us without the same knowledge. Our foot races have grown, our festivals have grown, and the number of restaurants has grown. I think that many cars on the tracks could be prevented with some improved lighting and signage.
A huge thanks to our Ashland Police Department who responds to these incidents so quickly!
Speaking of our APD, do you have your ticket to the ball yet? The third annual Ashland Police Officers’ Ball on Saturday, Jan. 28, at 6:30 p.m. in the Randolph-Macon Brock Center. This is a really fun event, which supports our incredible men and women in blue. Our Ashland Police Department could serve as an example of how the police and the people work together; they make our town a wonderful, safe place to live. Tickets are available online: or at Cross Brothers. Dress up and come join us!
Congratulations to our new town manager, Josh Farrar! We are so excited to have Josh continue with the town and move up into this new position.
Happy belated birthday to Samantha Slopey who turned 13 on Jan. 14!
Call or email me with your Ashland news: (804) 310-5320, Have a wonderful weekend!