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Mechanicsville – Sheila Talley

January 12, 2017


Feeling cool enough yet? I know last summer was a hot one, but we should all be defrosted by now. Burr! The snow is so pretty as it falls and everything looks peaceful. Of course, later we have ice and dirty slush and that’s no fun.
The Mechanicsville Library has Tai Chi at 7 p.m. on the following Monday evenings: Jan. 16, 23 and 30. Tai Chi is often referred to as “Meditation in motion.” Call the Mechanicsville Library for more information at (804) 746-9615.
Calling all book clubs: Did you know the Pamunkey Regional Library has “Talk Totes” available for groups that read together and then discuss their book. A tote is a large bag of multiple books of the same title, with discussion starter kits and author information for your group. If you should happen to lose a book, the library asks that you replace that book with a clean new or used copy of the book. You may check out the totes and even renew if your title is not on hold for other readers. The list of titles can be found in Pam Cat, the library’s online library catalogue. You may help the library if each member of your group has previously bought a copy of a book and you’d all like to donate this title to the library for others to read. Be sure to tell the staff at the library the donation is for “Talk Totes.”
I’m writing this with snow on the ground, but Hanover Tomato Festival is already seeking vendors for July 8 at Pole Green Park from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you make or sell any unique tomato-related products or are a community-based business, contact them now online to fill out an application. Go to
After two days, totally inside the house, I went to McDonalds with Dave on Monday and was really surprised to see people older than me coming in. One lady had a walker, but said she missed seeing people and had to try to get out. She did just fine and didn’t want any help.
A good thing to know when your children are out of school is that the Bow Tie Cinema, on North Boulevard has $6 movies on Tuesdays. I have a feeling they were crowded this week.
Be sure and write in about your snow experiences and anything else you’d like to talk about. Call (804) 319-7968 or email Have fun this week.