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Mechanicsville – Sheila Talley

July 28, 2016


Greetings to Mechanicsville! I wish I could tell you all about last week in Mechanicsville, but we were on vacation. Please help me out by telling me what’s been going on. Hope you have some good news to report to the info at the end of the column.
I love trips, but getting back can take me a few days to recover. First I really want to contact our two adult children to see if everything is okay. I don’t like contact when we’re away because I get too anxious and my imagination runs wild if someone is sick. We have a “No news is good news,” policy when too far away. Then there is an unending pile of laundry, and emails I like to answer ASAP. I always skim through every newspaper we had on hold to make sure I haven’t missed anything. Then there is the mail. A vacation is a grand time to explore, relax, refresh and do new things so it’s worth my “vacation recover time,” I suppose.
Happy Birthday to the Church of the Creator, the lovely Episcopal Church on 7159 Mechanicsville Turnpike. It is also the home of the MCEF food pantry located in their parking lot. Church of the Creator celebrated 50 years as a congregation July 10. It has always been a welcoming community and has allowed other churches without buildings to use their facilities. They host a well-known preschool in their basement that has taught many children over the years. Congratulations and good wishes for many more years of success!
I think the weather men are calling for another hot week, so you may want to check out your local Pamunkey Regional Libraries. Atlee Branch is planning a presentation of “Aladdin” presented by Hampstead Stage Company Saturday, July 30, at 2 p.m. Mechanicsville Branch has “Aladdin” set for Monday, Aug. 1, at 1 p.m. There is Bingo for kids on Thursday, Aug. 4, and teen movie night Aug. 12, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., in Mechanicsville. Be sure to check all the branches, if you’re looking for something cool to do inside.
We now have the two official nominees for President of the USA. We all have our opinions, but let’s be kind to each other. I’m getting a little sick of all the mean things said about both candidates on Facebook. I can understand that people need to vent. We can agree to disagree with our families and friends on politics, and keep loving them.
Call me at (804) 319-7968 or email with your summer news. Send wishes to friends or family for a Happy Birthday or Anniversary or tell us about your vacation. Call soon. Stay cool as you can this week and be sure to check on shut-ins.