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Maintenance projects underway at Hanover schools

Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 10:48 am

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It’s official. Students are out for the summer. But now school buildings are starting to fill up with workers, tools and equipment as Hanover schools undergo a summer makeover.

Because school just let out, many of the projects are still in the beginning phases and buildings are just starting to fill up with tools and contracted workers.

Workers remove an old HVAC system from Chickahominy Middle School as part of an ongoing summer maintenance program at Hanover schools.

Workers remove an old HVAC system from Chickahominy Middle School as part of an ongoing summer maintenance program at Hanover schools.

“We identified most all of these projects starting last summer,” said David Myers, assistant superintendent of business and operations.

Some of the biggest projects that will get done are bathroom upgrades, HVAC replacements and window replacements, Myers said. Initiatives like window replacements are focused on having more efficient and attractive end products.

All of the improvements are a part of the five-year Capital Improvement Plan. The total cost for all maintenance school-wide is about $5.5 million, Myers said.

School teachers and administrators submitted work requests and that’s how projects were identified.

From the capital budget, funds will go toward three projects. The weight and exercise room at Lee-Davis High School is being expanded with a final cost of $100,000. All students will be able to access the room once work is completed.

Another project on the list is a system wide upgrade to the phone system totaling $300,000. This will include new “switching” equipment for all of the phones but not the actual device itself.

There will also be a $250,000 bathroom upgrade at Henry Clay Elementary School as well as several other buildings. The existing restrooms are being gutted and when they’re done, many will be Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant so that handicapped students can easily enter.

Other improvements consist of painting projects at five schools including Kersey Creek Elementary, Stonewall Jackson Middle School and Cold Harbor Elementary School. Administrators will be able to choose paint colors for their buildings and many other schools like Chickahominy Middle School, will  get some internal painting.

In addition, there will be moisture abatement at Lee-Davis High School to make sure there are not any mold or other moisture issues.

“We feel like these are high-impact projects we’ll do this summer,” Myers said.

Myers said this summer’s work should wrap up around September, but projects like the exercise room at Lee-Davis may not be done by the time students return.

“We don’t have to use all the capital money the year we get it,” said Ed Buzzelli, facilities director.

Some roof replacements that are on the list will be delayed until next summer. Buzzelli said that some analyses for bids said work did not have to be done immediately on two roofs because they could last another year.

All of the summer work is part of the capital maintenance improvements, which school officials requested funding from the county to support it. Myers said that by summer’s end, roughly 70 percent of all maintenance will be completed.