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Potential housing development coming to Hanover

Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 12:28 pm


H-P reporter

The roughly 53 acres of land known as “Green Acres” off Route 54 in Ashland may become the site of a new housing development. Ashland resident Yancey Jones’ proposed Lauradell plan includes 148 living units, including single-family, single-family attached, and townhouse homes. The plan shows a maximum of 30 townhouses and single-attached homes.

Jones and members of Stockbridge Cos., the development and project advisory group, shared the plans with residents at a community meeting April 18 at First Baptist Church in Ashland.

According to the plans, no more than 49 percent of the land in question will be occupied by homes. The proposed development would have a Home Owners Association and a little over 15 acres of undeveloped land.

Jones and Stockbridge Cos. is working with Waterstreet Studio and the South Carolina-based Allison Ramsey Architects to create the master plan for the development.

Jones is the executive vice president of The Supply Room Companies, and owns the Ashland Town Center on England Street.

The original Lauradell application was submitted Dec. 20, and the most recent revisions were submitted April 3. Jones bought the land last April, and says he has a vision “to tie this piece of property into the Ashland community.”

The homes are intended to be built in different sizes and designs, to keep with Ashland’s mixed architecture. Prices for the homes may range from $300,000 to $400,000.

“We’re not telling people what they have to buy,” Jones said.

Jones and his wife live close to the land themselves, and have experienced previous developers’ attempts to build on the land. The homes will be built to accommodate people of different family sizes and needs. Jones said that when he was searching for a home for his father six years ago, he was unable to find an adequate home in Ashland to accommodate his wheel chair. The proposed plan would allow for some homes to be designed to meet the needs of the elderly and wheelchair users.

Pat Temple, who lives on Chapman Street across from the proposed development, has been attending similar meetings since 1983 when the land was first proposed to be developed by another builder.

“This is the best that anyone has come up with,” Temple said, referring to previous developers proposed plans. “It’s going to be developed one way or another.”

Some residents have expressed their concerns with possible increased traffic on Route 54 and Chapman Street, if the development were built as proposed.

Directly across from the proposed development is Betsy Dabney’s house. Dabney, who has lived in this home since 2006, said she was concerned with the Chapman Street entrances to the proposed development. Some people who live on Chapman Street think the road may be too narrow to adequately support increased traffic.

Dabney said her family has enjoyed living across from the currently empty field.

“We knew it couldn’t stay that way forever, but we don’t want to see it developed,” Dabney said. “Granted, this is way better than the one before, but I’m still concerned with the number of homes.”

The Ashland Planning Commission will hold a public hearing at Town Hall May 10 at 7 pm.