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Randolph-Macon College debuts new logo, slogan

Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 5:52 pm

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Randolph-Macon College may be getting a new look, but the job of beloved mascot Buzz is safe, college officials promised during a brief unveiling ceremony June 26.

College president Robert Lindgren and school mascot Buzz debut Randolph-Macon’s new logo and tagline during a June 26 ceremony on campus.

College president Robert Lindgren and school mascot Buzz debut Randolph-Macon’s new logo and tagline during a June 26 ceremony on campus.

Robert Lindgren, college president, joined by Buzz, revealed the college’s new logo and tagline to a crowd of incoming freshmen gathered at the Frank E. Brown Fountain Plaza in the heart of the Ashland campus.

The new design, which features the cupola that perches atop Brock Commons, a central architectural feature of the college, is part of a new branding campaign for the college, coupled with the new tagline “Building Extraordinary Futures.”

Overall, the logo and tagline are meant to reflect the college’s physical transformation and strategic focus on successful outcomes for its students.

The new logo replaces the college’s previous, circa-2001 institutional logo. The college seal will be reserved as a formal signature and the athletic Yellow Jacket logo will remain unchanged.

Selection of the final logo design came after five months of development, review and open sessions and discussions with the Randolph-Macon community.

After thanking those who participated in the rebranding process, paying specific homage to Anne Marie Lauranzon, director of marketing and communications for the college, and her team, Lindgren shared a humorous behind-the-scenes look into the tagline planning process.

“As most of you know, the cupola is lit at night, a beacon in the sky for everyone here. So, the obvious choice for our new tagline was: ‘We’ll leave the light on for you.’ But, it turns out a motel chain has that one tied up,” he said.

Another slogan capitalized on the national headlines regarding the 7th District Congressional race between two Randolph-Macon professors, Republican Dave Brat and Democrat Jack Trammell.

“I thought, in light of our recent notoriety, how about ‘Randolph-Macon College: Cradle of Congressmen?” But I was persuaded that one wouldn’t work either,” Lindgren said.

“So we applied our attention on what we know and do best,” he added. “As you know, Randolph-Macon prides itself on preparing our students for extraordinary success after they leave here. In fact, we begin that preparation and thinking about your future the moment you step foot on campus.”

The college plans to roll out its new brand throughout the summer as Randolph-Macon updates signage, stationary, flags and other materials bearing the college crest.

Randolph-Macon also plans to launch a new website this fall.