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Taking a bite out of crime one sticker at a time

Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 11:35 am

The Hanover County Sheriff’s Department had 42 Hanover students turn out for Project Sticker Shock this weekend to help combat drunk driving and underage drinking.

“We only anticipated 40 people,” said Sheriff’s Sergeant James Cooper who assisted in the program. But student participation exceeded expectations.

Project Sticker Shock is a community awareness program run through the Virginia ABC Education and Prevention and local law enforcement. With the approval of retail owners, participants go into stores and place warning stickers on alcoholic products to remind consumers the consequences of driving under the influence and supplying minors.

“We just want to remind people,” said Sgt. Cooper. “If you’re considering giving this to anyone under the age of 21, just don’t do it.”

The stickers were bright yellow and had a corresponding “Wait!” written in large text alongside a list of ramifications related to breaking state alcohol regulation.

Before Super Bowl festivities could begin, Hanover county students, sheriffs and citizens divided into four packs and placed stickers on beverages in stores east, west and central parts of the county. Sgt. Cooper recalled placing stickers at popular distributors such as Wawa and Martin’s.

The surge of student participation and overflow had the Sheriff’s Department excited for next years turn out. Sgt. Cooper even compared this weekend’s turn out with past years.

“The program first started 15 years ago with our Explorers’ program,” said the Sergeant.

However the cooperation between Student Resource Officers and the Sheriff’s Department has caused student turn out to grow.

“Without a doubt we will launch the program again next year before Super Bowl weekend,” concluded Sgt. Cooper.

To get involved with Project Sticker Shock, participants can visit the Virginia ABC Education and Prevention website to complete online training and register an event.