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Taylor Farm development gets the go ahead despite opposition

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 9:45 am


H-P Reporter

The Board of Supervisors approved the Taylor Farm housing development along Atlee Station Road in a 5-2 vote at their May 24 meeting.

The Taylor Farm development as accepted would permit 40 townhouses and 85 single-family detached homes, with a gross density of 2.93 dwelling units per acre.

Residents voiced concerns about traffic and density at every community, Board of Supervisors, and Planning Commission meeting pertaining to this proposed development.

The proposed plans include sidewalks on both sides of the roads in the development, three play grounds, and extensive landscaping throughout.

Speaking on behalf of Cool Springs Company, Jim Theobald said that the density has decreased by eliminating 23 single family lots and over 20 townhomes from the previously proposed plans.

Theobald suggested that building in the suburban service areas reduces pressure for development to occur in the rural parts of the county.  The investment of over a million and a half dollars would help improve adjacent roadways, Theobald said.

“This is an opportunity to significantly improve this section of Atlee Station road without the expenditure public funds,” Theobald said. “I don’t know how these improvements would otherwise get done.”

Honey Meadows resident Bob Nelson opposed the proposed  Development during the public hearing.

“Traffic is bad now and often intolerable,” Nelson said. “Atlee Station Road needs to be improved well before 2017.”

Board members attended community meetings and met individually with concerned residents during the planning process.

“We can’t just be short-sighted and do what’s good for us today,” Board of Supervisors chair and representative for the Chickahominy district Angela Kelly-Wiecek said.  “We do need to think long-term.”

To address some parents’ concerns of potential overcrowding in schools, Kelly-Wiecek said that Hanover County Public Schools has been graduating high school seniors at a faster rate than students are being registered for Kindergarten.

Ashland supervisor Faye Prichard, and Cold Harbor supervisor Scott Wyatt voted against the proposed Taylor Farms housing development.

In other news, residents nominated candidates for two positions on the School Board. School Board members are appointed to the Board for four-year terms, and the supervisors heard nominations for the South Anna and Cold Harbor positions.

Incumbent School Board representatives Sue Dibble, for the South Anna district, and Norman Sulser for the Cold Harbor district were nominated to maintain their seats on the Board.

Two new contenders, Clara James Scott and Lakisha Greenhow, nominated themselves for the South Anna district seat on the School Board.

Sulser served for 24 years as a reserve deputy sheriff, taught at Hanover County and Henrico Public Schools, and has been a member of Hanover County PTA for over 15 years.

Former Board of Supervisor for the Cold Harbor district Richard Rhodes also spoke in favor of Sulser’s remaining on the Board. Rhodes appointed Sulser to the School Board during his time on the Board of Supervisors.

“His production and his intellect is really needed on this School Board,” Rhodes said.

Dibble expressed her interest in being reappointed to the South Anna seat on the School Board. Dibble has a background in education, and is president of Purvis & Associates, Inc.

South Anna district resident Dan Johnson nominated Dibble to keep her seat on the Boad.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” Johnson said.

Montpelier resident Clara James Scott nominated herself for the South Anna district seat on the School Board. According to Scott, she has a long background in education which includes teaching in Newport News and Hanover County schools.

Scott received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Longwood College, and has a Doctor of Education degree. She is a retired principal from the Richmond Public School department, and has worked as a preschool center manager.

Lakisha Greenhow also nominated herself for the South Anna seat. Greenhow has been an educator for 11 years, and does SAT prep work with students in the Richmond area.

The appointment process for these School Board seats will conclude in June.