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Town Council approves on improvements

Posted on Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 11:36 am

Council members approved a request to improve parts of Railroad Avenue at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

The improvements, running from Robinson Street to Myrtle Street., will include replacing the existing sidewalk, curb and gutter with a brick accent, a storm sewer system upgrade and LED streetlights.

The Town of Ashland has contracted Talley and Armstrong for the excavation, curb, gutter and sidewalk work. Hazzard Electrical will supply electrical services. Halder Surveys will conduct surveying, plats and construction staking.

“We will work with Dominion Power to remove the [existing] overhead lights,” said Mike Davis, director of public works. “It’s been our goal to complete this streetscape and we are hoping for authorization to proceed.”

Council member Kathy Abbott then asked Davis to explain the process of working with Dominion.

“We tell [Dominion Power] what we want and what our obstacles are and they engineer it and tell us what it would take financially to do that,” Davis said. “In part, it would involve back-feeding on the west side of the tracks to avoid that overhead connection, which would  eliminate the overhead poles.”

Council member Steve Trivett asked Davis about the impact on local businesses during the time power will be shut down.

“We will work with Dominion to make sure everyone is notified,” Davis said. “It’s not like a power outage; they have systems in place to deal with these kinds of things. [Business owners] are very aware of the project.”

The project is estimated to cost a total of $205,000 and will be completed in about six to eight weeks, according to construction documents.

Council members later discussed and approved Davis’ additional request to construct a vehicle bay in which to store Ashland’s street sweeper.

The climate-controlled bay will be built in addition to existing buildings on the Town Shop complex.

“The street sweeper is one our largest pieces of equipment and [it] doesn’t have a space to stay,” Davis said. “During the wintertime, we would like to have a place to store it. Building it in the same fashion in the way that we built the Buildings and Grounds buildings a few years back. We have gotten three quotes on that and will go with the lowest bidder.”

The town has contracted Talley and Armstrong, Cimco and Hazzard Electric to help complete this project.

The street sweeper helps to eliminate pollutants on roadways that would otherwise enter the storm water system, leading to the contamination of our local water supply.

“We [recently] removed 112 cubic yards of material from the street,” Davis said. “There’s a creek that flows between our two buildings. We don’t want polluted water to get into the creek.”

In order for the street sweeper to continue operation in Ashland, a proper storage facility is needed, according to Davis. This will not only improve the lifespan of the machine but also provide a space for the fleet mechanic to conduct repairs if needed.

The project is estimated to cost no more than $86,782 and will be provided by the Public Works Facilities section of the Capital Project Fund, which has a current available balance of $157,491.86, according to the request document.

Council also moved to change the first July Town Council meeting from July 4 to July 5.

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