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Train Day brings big crowds and big fun to Ashland

Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2016 at 12:33 pm

Ashland Train Day proved to be an event for the whole family Nov. 5. The sun was shining and people were walking around the town of Ashland participating in the many activities provided during the day.

It was a day filled with music, games, food, vendors, and family – friendly fun. The weather was great for the event to occur and many locals and non-locals enjoyed the day. There were various designated areas where model train assemblers and collectors set up their displays to show off to people who were interested. One of the collectors who was at the event was James Walker.

Walker, who is from Richmond, said that he picked up his train collecting hobby when he was a kid. “My whole interest in trains started during my childhood,” Walker said. He had always enjoyed putting things together and using his imagination. Walker, a very particular and detailed worker, loved the idea of carrying his visions into reality.

Walker had never attended Ashland Train Day before, but had participated in showcases at the Science Museum of Virginia on multiple occasions. In fact, Walker says, “I had my train display up at the Science Museum of Virginia and someone had approached me and asked me if I had ever thought about coming to Train Day in Ashland, so I said sure why not?” Walker’s display was so large and fragile, that he had to transport the display in a U-Haul truck.

The model that Walker had brought was an H O scale that was very detailed in its layout. There were animal figurines, small people set up outside of houses, buildings, and so much more. He had assembled a little town and said that he was constantly making changes to it before the finished product was made. “Hmm let’s see…” he says, “This is a town, and here are some kids shooting hoops, but what are they going to play with? That’s right a basketball!” he exclaims. These irrelevant, yet brilliant questions are what led to the intricacy of his completed masterpiece.

Along with displays, there were many stores and vendors who were partaking in the event. One of the most popular shops in town during the event was Tiny Tim’s Toys & Trains. Sonja Myers, an employee at Tiny Tim’s Toys & Trains, had lots to say about Ashland Train Day.

Myers said, “Tiny Tim’s will be sponsoring a scavenger hunt during the day, which is just great for the kids! There is even a prize! You can get one of these little toy trains you see, which the children love” Myers articulates. With many people coming in and out of the small shop, there were setups outside of the building as well to avoid congestion inside of the building. There were also areas where you could sign up for the scavenger hunt and the raffle.

“Business during Train Day, this is our Christmas,” says Myers. So many people from different counties and other areas come to this event and are attracted to this shop. Myers  said, “It also helps that the weather is beautiful – good weather, more people!” When asked what the most popular items sold during the event were, Myers laughed and said, “Train stuff of course!”