What will come after Election Day?

Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 11:52 am

Election Day is over.

The votes have been tallied.

The long, winding, turbulent campaign trail has come to a close.

Regardless of where political loyalties lie, we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we now have a reprieve from the nastiness that has come to shape recent elections.

Early on, we – like many newspapers across the state – pointed out that both candidates for governor were flawed, Ken Cuccinelli because of his extreme, fringe stance on many issues and Terry McAuliffe for his inexperience.

Most pundits are now saying that Virginia got the lesser of two evils. Most Virginians probably aren’t throwing any confetti at the news.
Where we go from here will be interesting.

Our legislative makeup will now mirror that of the federal government. We will have a Republican-controlled House, and with Lt. Gov.-elect Ralph Northam, a Democrat-controlled Senate along with a Democrat in the Governor’s Mansion.

We sincerely hope this doesn’t degenerate into the gridlock we’ve seen under this model in Washington.

A balance of political power is healthy, and hopefully Virginia Democrats won’t be vengeful after being victims of a powerplay in the legislature following the last State Senate election.

In his Election Night statement. Gov. Bob McDonnell credited bipartisan cooperation for the state’s recent successes, which included being named “America’s Best State for Business,” having the lowest unemployment rate in the Southeast, and posting four consecutive budget surpluses.
McDonnell could’ve gloated here, if he wanted, but lame ducks tend not to do much quacking.

Jokes aside, our state has much going for it. McAuliffe has much to prove. Hopefully, he can show Virginians he’s worthy of the job. After all, he only gets one crack at it.

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