Beaverdam, Doswell and Montpelier – Debbie Murphy

January 22, 2015


This past weekend Glenn and I were invited by Jack and Nancy Haar of Doswell to attend the annual meeting/banquet for the Old Dominion Model A Ford Club, which was held in “The Room” at Debbie’s Kitchen on Route 33 in Hanover. It was a fun event! Most of the members who were able to attend were dressed up in period attire and looked very dapper! They also brought vintage items in which a show and tell took place before the members adjourned and headed home. During the meeting they looked back over the past year’s activities, one was a trip to the Model A Ford museum in Michigan and a gathering at the Downtown Abbey. If you own a Model A or are just interested in Model A’s please go to the website and if you’d like to join we would love to have you! The website address is:

The Montpelier Ruritan Club will have a chili sale Jan. 31; the price is $7 per quart and you will need to pre-order by calling either Charles Stanley at (804) 303-7744 or Dick Jones at (804) 883-6670. This will be great to have for your super bowl gathering!

The Hunter Safety classes will begin at the Montpelier Ruritan building soon. Mark your calendars for the following classes: March 11, 18, and 25. Class times are 6:30 to 9 p.m. and the instructor is Frank Overbey. To register go to

Please let me know if you have news you’d like to share, such as births, marriages, birthdays, retirements, etc. I’m always looking for good news to share! My email address is; my fax number is (804) 752-7858 and my phone number is (804) 227-3664.

Have a great week!

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