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Mechanicsville – Sheila Talley

June 22, 2017

Greetings to Mechanicsville and beyond.

Some new graduates are at the beach; others are starting summer jobs. Kids are at the pool so it’s really “the Good Ole Summer Time,” in full swing.  Hope you all have a joyful and a safe summer. We wish all our students, the very best as you begin your new lives.

It was great to hear that students and teachers at Hanover High School were congratulated by the Sheriff’s department because they made time on June 6 to give back.  The students did service projects around the school grounds and even cleaned out a couple of the Sheriff offices parole cars.  Nice Job, Hawks!

We may be in between festivals right now, but soon the wonderful Hanover Tomato Festival will take place.  It has a new website we’d like to make you aware of.  It is and it will give you info on vendors, activities, entertainment, the history of the event and schedules of performers on the entertainment stage.  Vendor spaces are still available so go to the website for more information on costs etc. It is a fun time for all ages, but usually very warm weather.  Come with a hat, water and sunscreen.

You’ve all heard the saying: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” None could be sweeter than the Anthem LemonAid project that takes place from July 14-16 with kids helping kids by hosting Anthem lemonade stands. Support your child if they’d like to participate and if you’re biking or walking or even driving past a stand, don’t you feel like a good ole glass of cold lemonade that will truly AID children diagnosed with cancer? In Central Virginia, all funds raised through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ aid in the advancement of health care services for children treated at Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU. Visit www.chfrichmond,org for more information.

As always there is plenty to do in Mechanicsville.  But if you dare take a trip to nearby Richmond, you must go to the new restaurant at the Valentine Museum.  You can lunch in the beautiful gardens outside the museum on inexpensive food that is delightful. I was there with a friend on the third day it opened and the tables were full without there being too many people to make it noisy.  Hope you’ll try it soon.

Our libraries are a wonderful resource if you have a grandchild visiting.  Check your local branch for story times and movies for teens. It’s also fun to go and get fresh produce at the Polegreen Market and other places around the Ville. If you like to pick Berries; they are ripe and ready at Pleasant Fields Farm. I think the strawberries have run their course, but blueberries and blackberries are probably ready to pick.  Call 804-994-2791 to find out what’s ripe and for directions before you go.  It’s a great place to pick and so relaxing. All sales are on the honor system.  That’s nice to see!

Mechanicsville:  We need your news.  There are so many people in our Mechanicsville community that help out and give back.  Please write to me about folks you know, who help their neighbors in any way.  We’d like to congratulate them in this space.   Call me at 804-319-7968 or email with your news.  Have a fantastic week!