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Mechanicsville – Sheila Talley

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February 4, 2016


Dear brave hearts who tackled the storm and shoveled the snow. Some of you were kind enough to help others. A big thank you goes out to Evan Davis, who came over after working all day, and offered to shovel our driveway. He did a great job! Evan is a junior at Lee-Davis High School.
Whoops, I goofed up last week in this column. I gave credit to Anne Tyler for writing a Mechanicsville Library Club read entitled, “Very Valentine.” Adriana Trigiani is the correct author. Where was my brain? Thanks to Joe, who called about my error. It is always good to hear from a reader.
How many of you have dived into cold waters at this time of year to raise funds for a charity? Chris Colville is planning on doing the Polar Plunge at Virginia Beach this weekend to help raise funds for Special Olympics. Chris is an Ordained Deacon at the Church of the Redeemer and also chaplain to the Catholic Daughters group. We are all proud of Chris, for doing this for so many years and making a difference for others.
It’s Brunswick Stew time again and you’ll want to be prepared for Super Bowl Sunday. The Catholic Daughters just happen to be selling this good item for $8 a quart at Redeemer on Meadowbridge Road, near Atlee. If you haven’t ordered yet, call (804) 746-4911. You may also come and take your chances on getting stew from 3 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6. There is usually some extra. Don’t forget to stop by the bake sale. There are some great cooks at Redeemer.
Don’t forget to wear red Feb. 5 to show your support to fight against heart disease. It’s “National Wear Red Day” and nice to see so many people united by the color red.
Saturday, Feb. 6, is my book signing at Books, Beads and More across from the Bell Creek Center off Polegreen Road. When I was working on a cover for “Ice in the Ville” I did not have the choices I would have had last week with all of the snow scenes we have seen. We were much luckier with this recent storm, because most of us had power. Come and check out my book about the Ice Storm of 1998. If you can’t make it there, Windemere Gallery and The Mechanicsiville Drug Store has them for sale.
Thanks to all of you who send news. Mechanicsville would love to know what your church is doing. We’d especially like to congratulate you on a birthday or anniversary. Please call (804) 319-7968 or email Enjoy the Super Bowl!