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Mechanicsville – Sheila Talley

October 20, 2016


Greetings from Mechanicsville! Everywhere I go I see more and more Halloween décor. I think it’s fun to see how much people decorate and by Oct. 31, it will be the wildest. We have heard so much about the “crazy clown fad.” Some mean harm; most are copycats. So I don’t plan to open the door to any clown over 3 ft. tall—just in case.
The Prezioso sisters–Nancy, Mary and Tina from Mechanicsville and friend Gail went to see “1776” Musical last week at the November Theatre downtown (old National Movie Theater). “It was fantastic! It is a wonderful musical presentation as well as a little history lesson, which I was not fond of in my school days. The lead actor Scott Wichmann is our favorite actor from way back. We were first introduced to him at a Hanover Tavern Barksdale play and have seen him in many plays since. If you are looking for an exceptional night in Richmond, get a ticket to ‘1776.’” – Tina Currie.
Tina also wanted to remind everyone to get out and vote this year. Tina is working the polls this year and has some good info for Hanover residents. “If you want to avoid the long lines, you can vote early. Just go to the Hanover County General Registrar Office at the Hanover Complex between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You must have a picture ID. Early voting is especially helpful to those who might have visual or language concerns, which takes additional time. Plus, I wouldn’t want to stand in line in the rain or snow. The election officials are expecting a large turnout Nov. 8! There are also two proposed Constitutional Amendments that will be on the ballot. For more information, call Hanover (804) 365-6080 or go to” Thanks for the information, Tina.
Happy Birthday to Jack Talley, who turned 90 years old Monday, Oct. 17. Eugene S. Talley, Jr. began his life in Mechanicsville, Virginia. After growing up and attending Hanover schools, he joined the Navy at age 17 and later had a long career in the Coast Guard. Mr. Talley lives in Buckingham County now. Several of his Mechanicsville and beyond family took him to a restaurant near his home for a nice celebration ending with a birthday cake. When leaving, Jack smiled and thanked everyone present and said “See you next year.” Although everyone plans a visit before then, we all hope another party will take place next year. Congratulations, Jack, on a life well lived.
This column needs your news. Who do you know that had a birthday or anniversary or holds an office in an organization? We’d love to write about it, so please call (804) 319-7968 or email with your news of folks, who have a relationship to Mechanicsville in one way or another. Let’s all try and have a joyful week!